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Cincinnati, OH, 45227

Ohio Explored's mission is simply to awaken people to the beauty of Ohio.

Our Mission


Our Mission is simply to Awaken people to the beauty of Ohio


Our Values



When you shop at locally owned businesses, you are directly supporting your community. Small businesses fuel local economies. Spending your dollars at local businesses instead of big box stores helps grow the world around you.



As human beings we share the desire to explore our world. We always want to explore new places, taste new things, and try new experiences. Adventures open our eyes to the world around us. They help us gain perspective. They connect us with people and places we would not have connected with otherwise. Adventures renew the soul. At Ohio Explored, Adventure is in our blood. All of our products and our message embody the spirit of adventure.



Nature provides us with solace. We find peace among the trees. Simple flowers and waterfalls emit a beauty we cannot experience from man-made objects. We must protect the Natural World. Without a healthy world, mankind cannot survive. Many dangers to the environment are caused by humans and the products we create and consume. At Ohio Explored, we strive to work with companies that create products using natural & eco-friendly materials and/or homemade production methods. Good for you & good for the environment.



A major advantage of working with local artisans and vendors is that they take great pride in their work. The quality of locally made products is unmatched by big-box competitors. We organize and host Ohio Maker Mart which features the best of the best Ohio Makers.



There is no place quite like Ohio. From our bustling major cities and unique local businesses, to our rolling hills and Great Lakes, Ohio has it all. We have found an endless supply of adventure and exploration here. Our Midwestern roots taught us about compassion, community, and kindness. Moving back to Ohio, after exploring the world, opened our eyes to the true beauty that is here. Ohio is a special place on this planet. 


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