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Cincinnati, OH, 45227

Made in Ohio. Ohio goods, t-shirts, prints, accessories, jewelry, home goods and photography. Our line of artisan Ohio products celebrates the natural beauty of Ohio with every piece. All of our products are handmade and hand-selected. Our collection showcases the most talented craftsmen and makers from all over the state of Ohio.

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Willy + Wade // @willyandwade

Rikki Teeters

Willy + Wade


Owner Name: Brett Jolliff

Year Started: 2014

Willy + Wade is a lifestyle brand in Ohio. They specialize in making high quality Leather Goods & Apparel. People everywhere are getting back to the business of working with their hands. Making things they would use themselves. Honestly, Willy + Wade couldn't be happier. When you buy something from a company like Willy and Wade, you're going to get a product made to last longer than you are, that looks good, and does its job. They apply that mentality to pieces of vegetable tanned leather to create wallets, belts, keychains and other accessories that are as simple as they are beautiful. We asked Brett a few quick questions to learn more about Willy + Wade.

What aspect of your business makes you proud?

Simply, creating something by hand.

Is your business involved in any charity work in the local community?

We started a donation of every throw bought this past holiday season for the homeless. We plan on doing this every year to keep the homeless warm and expand.

Why do you love Ohio?

The love for Ohio is strong here. I think you get a little bit of everything from us, Ohioans.

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