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Cincinnati, OH, 45227

Made in Ohio. Ohio goods, t-shirts, prints, accessories, jewelry, home goods and photography. Our line of artisan Ohio products celebrates the natural beauty of Ohio with every piece. All of our products are handmade and hand-selected. Our collection showcases the most talented craftsmen and makers from all over the state of Ohio.

Champaign Paper // @champaignpaper

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Champaign Paper // @champaignpaper

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Champaign Paper


Owners Names: Shaun Mueller & Elisabeth Tran

Year Started: 2014

Champaign Paper is an Ohio based stationery and design company. All of their work is hand illustrated, and hand-made out of their in-home studio. They use recycled and earth-friendly materials that are made by our suppliers in the United States. We interviewed Champaign Paper to learn more about them.

Can you tell us more about your business?

We started our business as a way for Beth to work from home before the birth of our daughter. We started off with a failed Kickstarter project, but we were able to save up our own money to buy our first printer and supplies. Now, our little company has products in over 30 retail shops across the country!

What aspect of your business makes you proud?

We are proud that we create all of our own products from start to finish by hand. The hand drawn art yields detailed designs that most card lines do not have, while printing in house allows us to have complete control over the colors and quality of the finished products.

Is your business involved in any charity work in the local community? We have donated items to several charities and community events for silent auctions and other fund-raising events. We plan to donate trees and money to a local nature preserve as a way to give back to the earth.

Why do you love Ohio?

We love Ohio because there are so many diverse cities and landscapes to see! We have both lived here our whole lives, but we are still discovering exciting and interesting sites all around us. 

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