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Local Race Gets Personal

Don’t Let a Virginia Super PAC Buy Your Vote -  Local Ohio House Race Gets Personal with Malicious Attack Ads 

An out-of-state, dark money super PAC (Political Action Committee) along with our own Ohio Republican Party have recently spent tens of thousands of dollars on a local smear campaign, including attack ads and even a fictitious website, against Ohio House of Representatives District 92 candidate, Beth Workman. The attack ads are full of lies, deceptions and borderline line slanderous comments. Things such as ‘kilos of cocaine could start flooding into Ohio’ if she is elected, and calls her ‘Backwards Beth’ and an ‘embarrassment’ displaying photos of Workman that are (poorly) Photoshopped. One even appears to be a photo of Workman with a hand over her mouth, as if to silence her. But these attack ads will not silence her. It will only fuel her fire.


Real Image

This is the real photo that the dark PAC stole and manipulated to turn into attack ads against Beth Workman.

False Attack Ad Against Beth Workman

Photoshopped Image

This screenshot is one example that serves as proof of poorly photoshopped attack ads from Ohio’s Republican Party and an out of state PAC against Ohioan Beth Workman.

Three mailers containing similarly photoshopped images of Beth have also been sent out to voters.

“The fact that the Republican Party has sunk to these tactics tells us that our message is resonating with voters,” said Workman. “Our campaign is about putting people first. It’s time for leaders who prioritize education, healthcare access and good-paying jobs. It’s time to send real people to the Statehouse to represent their neighbors. My opponent doesn’t just get to slide into re-election anymore, and this smear campaign only pushes us to work even harder.”

Her opponent was handed the position years ago without running, and has run un-opposed in the general election the past two election cycles. 

When questioned about the ads, her opponent said “he didn’t like it” and “it’s not the way I would’ve done it” but yet he has still allowed it to happen. An article in the Columbus Dispatch recently called Workman’s race one of “Ohio’s hottest legislative races” and it’s certainly no coincidence that these attack ads surfaced only days later. The Ohio Republican Party has also been conducting some local phone polling and by the timing and hateful nature of these ads, it’s apparent that the polling is not going in their favor. 

Beth Workman Chillicothe Ohio

So who is this women from small-town Southern Ohio that the Ohio Republican Party is so afraid of? She is a long-time educator, wife, mother and grandmother that truly wants to represent everyone in her district and help to improve their lives. In the past 6 months, she has been meeting her voters at their doors, listening to their concerns and not the concerns of special interest groups, and that's what she will continue to do. So far, she has personally knocked on more than 7,000 doors and her team has knocked on more than 12,000! 

Everyone that has met Workman knows that she does not have a negative bone in her body. She has vowed to run a clean campaign, truly a grass-roots effort with grass-roots money. She is running on her own merits. No big PAC money, no negative ads, no polling, just boots on the ground campaigning. She is funded by the working citizens of her district and close friends and family that believe in her cause. 

Beth Workman Family Photo

“In spite of my opposition's actions, I will continue to keep my campaign positive,” said Workman. “In fact, I would love to help pass campaign rules that prevent these negative ads from occurring. And of course to prevent outside groups from being able to donate to local campaigns.”

Do you want to vote for a man who just sits back, takes the easy route and tries to buy his way into office? Or the women who to this day, is earning every single vote, one step and one knock at a time? Who do you think will do a better job representing the people in their district? The answer is clear. A candidate, like Workman, that is faithful to the constituents in their district. Not the one answering to big money PACs. Vote Beth Workman for the Ohio House of Representatives in District 92.*

*District 92 is made up of Fayette County and portions of Pickaway and Ross counties.