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Ohio Explored's mission is simply to awaken people to the beauty of Ohio.

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A collection of our favorite Ohio Explporers on Instagram.

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Raquel Martin // @wavesofgalveston

Rikki Teeters

Raquel Martin


Growing up, Raquel Martin always had a deep passion to learn from and capture the beauty of her surroundings everywhere she went. She grew up in Berea and has since moved around to multiple cities here in Ohio and even a different state or two. However, she found herself back here, in her hometown. Appreciating the time and beauty surrounding her once again. Now, as a 21 year old painter and student.

She still keeps her young, carefree and curious passion alive with each adventure she takes and each photo she captures along the way. Raquel enjoys taking photos of the people she loves and of her adventures through Ohio's beautiful and one of a kind forests & parks. She says she loves those sweet moments and heartfelt sunrises & sunsets. She is always ready to seek a new journey and she appreciates the beauty we have around us right now, here in Ohio, in this very moment. She says Ohio will always be her home, no matter where life might lead her next.

Follow Raquel's Ohio adventures on Instagram @wavesofgalveston!

Daniel Barr // @cbuswanderer

Rikki Teeters

Daniel Barr


Daniel has lived in Ohio all his whole life. He grew up on a small farm minutes away from Mohican State Forest. Hiking and exploring the outdoors have always been passions of his. He says being able to share ether Buckeye State's natural wonders is an awesome blessing and an absolute joy! You can see more of Daniel's beautiful Ohio photos on Instagram at @cbuswanderer

Todd Buswell // @buzzybuzzin

Rikki Teeters

Todd Buswell


Todd Buswell is a 42 year old living in Elyria, OH, just west of Cleveland. He has been interested in photography for a little over 2 years. Todd says that is when his parents bought him a camera for Christmas. He always liked taking pictures when he went on trips but that was just with a small digital camera. He discovered Instagram as a really great way to show off his pictures to people that wouldn't normally see them. When he posts pictures, he gets immediate feedback. Todd says he hopes that people like what his eyes see while getting the image. Instagram has really inspired him to explore all of the different areas in Northern Ohio. He says he has been to so many different parks that he would never go to otherwise. There are so many beautiful areas in Ohio, Todd's advice is "you just have to get out and explore!".

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