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Ohio Explored's mission is simply to awaken people to the beauty of Ohio.

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A collection of our favorite Ohio Explporers on Instagram.

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Alex Steckman // @steckman_8

Rikki Teeters

Alex Steckman


Alex Steckman is a 21-year-old from New Albany. He is currently majoring in Psychology at The Ohio State University. He enjoys exploring all Ohio has to offer, and believes there is no limit on adventure. He takes day trips on the weekends when he is free, and enjoys hiking and camping. Alex enjoys being outdoors more than anything, and feels that a picture says a thousand words. He makes it his goal to collect "mementos" from all the places he has traveled, so he can reflect on his adventures. His motto is "Never stop exploring".

Jacob Sapp // @jake__sapp

Rikki Teeters

Jacob Sapp


Jake loves getting to explore Ohio. He tries to go where he hasn't been before in Ohio to simply see all that this state offers. People around the area often compare this place to the western side of the U.S. This typically follows up with the complaint of how flat and "boring" Ohio is. Jacob takes that to heart and challenges himself to prove Ohios' great beauty. He says " You just have to look a little harder then others to find those places." Jake documents his adventures with both both, photography and cinematography. Video is his career path and also his strong side.

Photography is more of a fun get away or hobby of his. He doesn't prefer one nor the other. Jacob is passionate about both. Ohio offers such a verity of places. He loves where he lives because of the architecture and pure history that is Granville. But on the contrary, Jake loves the modern scene in Columbus. Wether that means long boarding with friends in the Short North to capture minimalist like coffee shops. Or capturing a bride and groom's first look on video in the Hilton Bridge in the center of down town.

He loves driving an hour or two on the many back roads of Ohio. Getting lost, but not having a care in the world, because he got exactly what he searching for. That one photo or video clip people often ask..."Where was this taken??" His answer is followed up with something along the lines of, "Not sure...drove out into the middle of nowhere to get that shot." So all in all, Jacob thinks Ohio is challenging in many ways as an artist, but more so than often rewording in every way.
He says he loves this place [Ohio]. Follow Jacob's Ohio adventures on Instagram at @jake__sapp!

Todd Buswell // @buzzybuzzin

Rikki Teeters

Todd Buswell


Todd Buswell is a 42 year old living in Elyria, OH, just west of Cleveland. He has been interested in photography for a little over 2 years. Todd says that is when his parents bought him a camera for Christmas. He always liked taking pictures when he went on trips but that was just with a small digital camera. He discovered Instagram as a really great way to show off his pictures to people that wouldn't normally see them. When he posts pictures, he gets immediate feedback. Todd says he hopes that people like what his eyes see while getting the image. Instagram has really inspired him to explore all of the different areas in Northern Ohio. He says he has been to so many different parks that he would never go to otherwise. There are so many beautiful areas in Ohio, Todd's advice is "you just have to get out and explore!".

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