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Ohio Explored's mission is simply to awaken people to the beauty of Ohio.

Anthony Zerbey // @zerbeyvision

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Anthony Zerbey // @zerbeyvision

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Anthony Zerbey


Born and raised in Dayton, OH, this up-and-coming photographer got his start with black and white film photography. Experimenting with street style and architectural photos, Anthony Zerbey began to grow his understanding of light and framing at a young age. Anthony made the switch to digital photography after becoming involved in the local Parkour community. Using this opportunity, Anthony practiced sports and Urbex style photography along with teaching himself cinematography and video production.

Nowadays, Anthony says he enjoys landscape photography and getting lost in the wild. He continues to have a passion for street photography and urges others to explore their hometown. There are several small pockets of wonder and beauty hidden not only in big cities and forests, but also in one’s own neighborhood. Adventure doesn’t always mean getting lost in the woods. Anthony also provides photo and video content for local arts movement, Artistry in Motion. Anthony’s experience is still growing, and he recently provided official media coverage for Festival of Fire. More of his work can be found online at and Instagram @zerbeyvision.