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Ohio Explored's mission is simply to awaken people to the beauty of Ohio.

Emily Mitchell // @emilythelocaldreamer

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Emily Mitchell // @emilythelocaldreamer

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Emily Mitchell


Emily Mitchell is a young photographer from Northwest Ohio. She says feels free when she is on an adventure and taking pictures. Sometimes she hears people say, "Oh my gosh, I hate living in Ohio.", but she doesn’t think they see the real beauty of it.

Emily says Ohio is so beautiful and that's what she likes to capture. Her favorite pictures to take are of puddles and their reflections. She says she sees "the top part of the photograph as an imperfect world and the reflection as perfection". She thinks Ohio is an amazing place to live and it is disappointing that not a lot of people see that. We are impressed by the talent and potential that this young photographer shows at the age of only 14! You can follow more Emily's adventures on Instagram at @emilythelocaldreamer!