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Ohio Explored's mission is simply to awaken people to the beauty of Ohio.

Stacie Osborne // @littleadvcbus

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Stacie Osborne // @littleadvcbus

Rikki Teeters

Stacie Osborne


Stacie Osborne lives in Columbus and spends every free minute showing her children the extraordinary in life. Sure, there will be ordinary rites of passage, but she believes children should experience the beauty of nature, good food, support small businesses, and meet interesting people along the way. Her love of environmental portraiture is obvious on social media, usually highlighting a special spot in Columbus or often an amazing meal. More than often, something involving sprinkles. Her blog serves as a family time capsule but also an inspiration to local parents to go explore. 

You can follow Stacie & her adorable family on Instagram at @littleadvcbus!

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