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Ohio Explored's mission is simply to awaken people to the beauty of Ohio.

Shawn Rames // @exploringnwo

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Shawn Rames // @exploringnwo

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Shawn Rames


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Shawn Rames is a nature and landscape photographer/videographer based in Toledo, Ohio.  Shawn is husband to a wonderful wife, father of 3 great kids and is just over 30 years old.  Before moving to the Northwest side of Ohio, Shawn grew up living in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and has been into photography for as long as he can remember.  Cameras and photography have always been commonplace in my life as my parents were photographers Shawn says,  I grew up though the late 80’s, early 90’s with a darkroom in our home, I first learned to shoot on medium format Mamiyas when I was very young and the passion to create through photography has remained with me my whole life.  

Shawn craves opportunities to be creative and to show the beauty of Ohio from unique perspectives, on his Instagram feed you’ll find a bit of everything from light painting, astro photography, time lapses, aerials and video.  Shawn is an active part of the NW Ohio instagram community and makes it to as many meet ups as he is able.