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Glamping at Crockett's Run

Rikki Teeters

Nestled in 55 acres of wooded terrain, Crockett’s Run enchants travelers with its secluded lodges and cabins, cozy canvas bell tents, and stunning wedding, business and event center. Its landscape features huge rock formations, two waterfalls, and a serene pond.


Crockett’s Run is only minutes away from popular Hocking Hills attractions, such as canoeing, golfing, zip lines, horseback riding, craft and antique shopping, and popular state and metro parks. However, there are many on-site activities right outside your cabin's door. Enjoy hiking on Crockett's Run state-level hiking trail and observe a towering thirty-foot waterfall, views of their beautiful gorge, mossy logs and rocks, and lush native plants. Go on a picnic on one of their ten picnic tables each embracing a stunning view of the hills. Fish or go pedal boating on their stocked pond. Each cabin and lodge has its own outdoor fire pit and hot tub. If you have a large group, you can enjoy a bonfire by our 8-foot-wide fire pit in the gorge. If you have kids, they will enjoy playing on the adorable wooden playground. It includes a swing, teeter totter, slide, treehouse, rings, and a bench swing. Finally, if your friends and family have the competitive spirit, play a round of volleyball on our volleyball court in the gorge.


Take the hassle out of camping, and experience “glamping”— or as they like to call it, “boutique camping”— in Crockett Run's brand-new canvas bell tents. Each tent sits on our shared campground beneath towering trees and is bordered by a spectacular rock face. Walk along the crystal clear winding stream, take a swim in the small swimming hole, or listen to the water babbling right from your bed. Mingle with friends around the bonfire in our 9-foot-wide fire pit under a canopy of 60-foot-tall evergreens and the warm glow of string lights. Each tent features a queen size bed with luxurious bedding, vintage rugs, and handpicked furniture.

Crockett's Run

Whether you are seeking a venue for a wedding, corporate event, family reunion, yoga or church retreat, Crockett’s Run will make your vision come true. The spectacular natural surroundings create the ideal backdrop for a wedding ceremony or engagement photos. Their state of the art event center is walking distance from all of the cabins, and offers many amenities for your guests. The event space can accommodate up to 150 people and has bathrooms, a kitchen space, charcoal grills, a deep freezer, AC/Heating and a backup generator. Two indoor fireplaces and an outdoor fireplace on the private patio create an inviting and warm ambiance. Go for a morning nature walk on our private hiking trail, enjoy lunch on our outdoor deck overlooking the rolling hills, or savor the views with a private bonfire in the gorge in the evening. Keep checking their social media because starting in 2019, Crockett’s Run is offering biannual yoga retreats on their beautiful property!

Crockett's Run Ohio

Empowering People Through Making

Rikki Teeters

Hello, it’s nice to meet you! My name is Brittni T, the face behind Deep Valley Crafts, and I sell hand embroidered patches, pins, wall art, and other goodies. I embroider some patches that make people happy just because they’re cute, and other patches that make people think about themselves and consider what they stand for. If you look at my shop now you’ll see topics like feminism and LGBTQ rights mixed in with less political themes, but it hasn’t always been that way.

Deep Valley Crafts

When I started embroidering, I was doing it completely as a way to relieve stress and manage my anxiety. I am able to release my creativity in a way that feels productive to me, meaning I don’t have to worry needlessly about wasting time and money on crafts that will just sit around my apartment. I was scared to put myself out there at first, but I am slowly becoming more comfortable selling my work as people continue to support me. I know now that there is value in what I produce.

Deep Valley Crafts

Once I was able to accept that, I started realizing that my work had power, too. People wearing patches were choosing to display a part of themselves to anyone who looked at them. People hanging my embroidery hoops in their house were owning something they cared about. Personal identity is something I struggle with, and I admire people who are brave enough to put a piece of themselves on display. I wanted to offer those people another way to express their feelings about more difficult topics than the “I like cats” patches that I had been focusing on.

So I started making little heart patches that say “feminist”. I got a lot of “I think women should be equal but I’m not a feminist” vibes in return, which surprised me. How do people still not know that those mean the same thing? So I started making hoops that said “Feminism Means Equality”, but I keep hearing about how trans ladies and people on the spectrum are often not included in this sentiment.

Deep Valley Crafts

So I started making personal pronoun ribbon patches. I find myself explaining what “They/Them” means at every show I am involved in, which takes me by surprise as well. I guess having friends on the spectrum and watching news about human rights made me assume that everyone knew about this concept.

Deep Valley Crafts

So I explain as best I can, but I am a heterosexual woman and I was born as such. Sometimes I feel as if I am crossing a line by explaining what a non-binary person goes through or why they need to express this identity. I am made to doubt my convictions and wonder if the demographic of a show is right to even display those pieces. Then I realize how petty my struggle is compared to the struggle of people who are on the spectrum, who do have to explain intimate parts of themselves on the daily, and I keep going.

Deep Valley Crafts

My goal in selling these items is awareness and respect. I will continue to produce goods that make people learn and think, because there is a lack of compassion in the world right now that I feel is unacceptable. I am one person who has a slew of personal faults and struggles, but that doesn’t mean I can’t try and make it just a little bit easier for someone else. The pieces I sell that take a stand mean just as much to me now as the cat patches that got me started, and I am proud to say that my “They/Them” patches are my all-time best seller! I think that it is everyone’s responsibility to educate themselves and to stand up for human rights, and that it’s not a question of “am I doing enough” but “am I doing something?”

Deep Valley Crafts
Deep Valley Crafts

10 Eco-Friendly Small Businesses in Ohio

Rikki Teeters

With climate change as a looming threat to the sustainability of our planet, it is up to consumers to support businesses that strive to make a positive impact on our world instead of a negative one. Luckily, it has never been easier to shop locally and buy with purpose. Ohio has many environmentally conscious small businesses and local artists that are making a difference on a local and global scale with their products and business practices. We curated a list of 10 Eco-Friendly Small Businesses in Ohio! You can start supporting these amazing local businesses today. Meet each of these talented local Makers at one of our upcoming Ohio Maker Marts!

10. Humble Hive Homemade


10 Healthy Juice Bars in Ohio

Rikki Teeters

Juice Bars are certainly trendy and for good reason. They typically focus on serving healthy, locally-sourced juices and meals. Ohio is home to some of the best Juice Bars in the world. We made a list of our favorites! Here are 10 Healthy Juice Bars in Ohio.

10. Off the Vine - Cincinnati, Ohio

Off The Vine Juice Bar

Photo by Off The Vine Juice Bar via Facebook


9. Midwest Juicery - Toledo, Ohio (served a several locations)

Midwest Juicery

Photo by Midwest Juicery via Facebook


8. Daily Press Juice - Cleveland, Ohio

Daily Press Juice Cleveland

Photo by Daily Press Juice via Facebook


7. Green Farm Juicery - Blue Ash, Ohio

Green Farm Juicery

Photo by Green Farm Juicery via Facebook


6. Zest Juice - Columbus, Ohio

Zest Juice - Columbus, Ohio

Photo by Zest Juice via Facebook


5. Rooted Juicery & Kitchen - Cincinnati, Ohio

Rooted Juicery & Kitchen - Cincinnati, Ohio

Photo by Rooted Juicery & Kitchen via


4. Beet Jar Juicebar & Takeaway - Cleveland, Ohio 

Beet Jar Juicebar & Takeaway - Cleveland, Ohio 

Photo by Beet Jar Juicebar & Takeaway via Facebook


3. Native Cold Pressed - Columbus, Ohio

Native Cold Pressed - Columbus, Ohio

Photo by Native Cold Pressed via Facebook


2. Alchemy - Columbus, Ohio

Alchemy - Columbus

Photo by Alchemy in Columbus, Ohio


1. Restore Cold Pressed - Cleveland, Ohio

Restore Cold Pressed

Photo by Restore Cold Pressed via


Did your favorite local Juice Bar make it onto our list? Let us know via the form below.

What is your favorite local Juice Bar?
What city is this Juice Bar located in?
Native Cold Pressed

Featured Photo by Native Cold Pressed via Facebook

40 Best Craft Breweries in Ohio

Rikki Teeters

We think it is safe to say that Ohio is the new craft beer capital of the US. Want proof? Ohio's 3 largest cities (Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati) are filled to the brim with nationally ranked craft breweries and our small towns represent with their high quality brews. Here is our list of the 40 Best Craft Breweries in Ohio. Make sure to try them all!

40. Kindred Brewing - Columbus, Ohio

Kindred Brewing - Columbus, Ohio

Photo by Kindred Brewing via Facebook


39. Wild Ohio Brewing Company - Columbus, Ohio

Wild Ohio Brewing Company

Photo by Wild Ohio Brewing Company via Facebook


38. March First Brewing - Cincinnati, Ohio

March First Brewing

Photo by March First Brewing via Facebook


37. BrewDog USA - Canal Winchester, Ohio

BrewDog USA

Photo by BrewDog USA via Facebook


36. HiHO Brewing Company - Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

HiHo Brewing Co.

Photo by HiHO Brewing via Facebook


35. Star City Brewing Company - Miamisburg, Ohio

Star City Brewing Company - Miamisburg

Photo by Star City Brewing Company


34. Terrestrial Brewing Company - Cleveland, Ohio

Terrestrial Brewing Company

Photo by Terrestrial Brewing Company via Facebook


33. The Brew Kettle - Strongsville, Ohio

The Brew Kettle - Strongsville

Photo by The Brew Kettle via Facebook


32. The Phoenix Brewing Company - Mansfield, Ohio

The Phoenix Brewing Company

Photo by The Phoenix Brewing Company via Facebook


31. Weasel Boy Brewing - Zanesville, Ohio

Weasel Boy Brewing

Photo by Weasel Boy Brewing via Facebook


30. Black Cloister Brewing Company - Toledo, Ohio

Black Cloister Brewing Company

Photo by Black Cloister Brewing Company via Facebook


29. Mt. Carmel Brewing Company - Cincinnati, Ohio

Mt. Carmel Brewing Company

Photo by Mt. Carmel Brewing Company via Facebook


28. Columbus Brewing Company - Columbus, Ohio

Columbus Brewing Company

Photo by Columbus Brewing Company via Facebook


27. Jackie O's Brewery - Athens, Ohio

Jackie O's Brewery - Athens

Photo by Jackie O's Brewery via Facebook


26. 16 Lots Brewing Company - Mason, Ohio

16 Lots Brewing Company

Photo by 16 Lots Brewing Company via Facebook


25. Lockport Brewery - Bolivar, Ohio 

Lockport Brewery

Photo by Lockport Brewery via Facebook


24. Rockmill Brewery - Lancaster, Ohio

Rockmill Brewery

Photo by Rockmill Brewery via Instagram


23. Hoppin' Frog Brewery - Akron, Ohio

Hoppin' Frog Brewery

Photo by Hoppin' Frog Brewery via Facebook


22. Brick And Barrel - Cleveland, Ohio

Brick And Barrel

Photo by Brick And Barrel via Facebook


21. FigLeaf Brewing Company - Middletown, Ohio

FigLeaf Brewing Company - Middletown

Photo by FigLeaf Brewing Company via Facebook


20. Rivertown Brewery and Barrel House - Monroe, Ohio

Rivertown Brewery and Barrel House

Photo by Rivertown Brewery and Barrel House via Facebook


19. The Woodburn Brewery - Cincinnati, Ohio

The Woodburn Brewery

Photo by The Woodburn Brewery via Facebook


18. Crooked Handle Brewing Co. - Springboro, Ohio

Crooked Handle Brewing Co.

Photo by Crooked Handle Brewing Co. via Facebook


17. Fat Head’s Brewery & Tap House - Middleburg Heights, Ohio

Fat Head's Brewery

Photo by Fat Head's Brewery via Facebook


16. Christian Moerlein Brewing - Cincinnati, Ohio

Christian Moerlein Brewing

Photo by Christian Moerlein Brewing via Facebook


15. Great Lakes Brewing Company - Cleveland, Ohio

Great Lakes Brewing Company

Photo by Great Lakes Brewing Company via Facebook


14. Nine Giant Brewing - Cincinnati, Ohio

Nine Giant Brewing

Photo by Nine Giant Brewing via Facebook


13. Lineage Brewing - Columbus, Ohio

Lineage Brewing

Photo by Lineage Brewing via Facebook


12. Warped Wing Brewing Company - Dayton, Ohio

Warped Wing Brewing Company - Dayton

Photo by Warped Wing Brewing Company via Facebook


11. Masthead Brewing - Cleveland, Ohio

Masthead Brewing

Photo by Masthead Brewing via Facebook


10. Listermann Brewing Company - Cincinnati, Ohio 

Listermann Brewing Company

Photo by Listermann Brewing Company via Facebook


9. Land-Grant Brewing Company - Columbus, Ohio

Land-Grant Brewing Company

Photo by Land-Grant Brewing Company via Facebook


8. Brink Brewing - Cincinnati, Ohio

Brink Brewing

Photo by Brink Brewing via Facebook


7. Seventh Son Brewing - Columbus, Ohio

Seventh Son Brewing

Photo by Seventh Son via Facebook


6. Platform Beer Co - Cleveland, Ohio

Platform Beer Co

Photo by Platform Beer Co via Facebook


5. Wolf’s Ridge Brewing - Columbus, Ohio

Wolf’s Ridge Brewing

Photo by Wolf’s Ridge Brewing via Facebook


4. Taft's Ale House - Cincinnati, Ohio

Taft’s Ale House - Over The Rhine

Photo by Taft's Ale House via Facebook


3. Rhinegeist Brewery - Cincinnati, Ohio

Rhinegeist Brewery

Photo by Rhinegeist via Facebook


2. Yellow Springs Brewery - Yellow Springs, Ohio

Yellow Springs Brewery

Photo by Yellow Springs Brewery on Facebook


1. Urban Artifact - Cincinnati, Ohio

Urban Artifact

Photo by Urban Artifact via Facebook


Did your favorite Ohio brewery make it onto our list? Let us know via the form below.

What is your favorite local Craft brewery?
What city is this brewery located in?
HiHO Brewing Co.

Featured Photo by HiHO Brewing via Facebook

20 Best Ice Cream Shops in Ohio

Rikki Teeters

I scream, you scream, we all scream for... you know the rest. ICE CREAM! We have a livelong love for Ohio's locally made ice creams. From super creamy classics to modern spiked flavors, Ohio has an ice cream shop for everyone. We made a list of our favorites. Here is our list of the 20 Best Ice Cream Shops in Ohio.

20. Piccadilly Artisan Creamery - Cleveland, Ohio

Piccadilly Artisan Creamery

Photo by Piccadilly Artisan Creamery via Facebook


19. Mr G's Barn - Toledo, Ohio

Mr G's Barn Ice Cream

Photo by Mr G's Barn via Facebook


18. Mason’s Creamery - Cleveland, Ohio 

Mason's Creamery

Photo by @bre_cheezin via Instagram


17. Buzzed Bull Creamery - Cincinnati, Ohio

Buzzed Bull Creamery

Photo by Buzzed Bull Creamery via Facebook


16. Dietsch Brothers - Findlay, Ohio

Dietsch Brothers

15. Tremont Scoops - Cleveland, Ohio

Tremont Scoops

Photo by Tremont Scoops via Facebook


14. Mardi Gras Homemade Ice Cream - Columbus, Ohio

Mardi Gras Homemade Ice Cream

Photo by Amy N. via Yelp


13. Cowhaus Creamery - Oberlin, Ohio

Cowhaus Creamery

Photo by Cowhaus Creamery via Facebook


12. Tom's Ice Cream Bowl - Zanesville, Ohio

Tom's Ice Cream Bowl

Photo by Becca W. via Yelp


11. Hello Honey - Cincinnati, Ohio

Hello Honey

Photo by Mimi B. via Yelp


10. Aglamesis Bros - Cincinnati, Ohio

Aglamesis Brothers

Photo by Aglamesis Brothers on Facebook


9. Pav's Creamery - Akron, Ohio

Pav's Creamery

Photo by Pav's Creamery on Facebook


8. Z's Cream & Bean - Hinckley, Ohio

Z's Cream & Bean

7. Young's Jersey Dairy - Yellow Springs, Ohio

Young's Jersey Dairy

Photo by Karuna Z. via Yelp


6. Sweet Moses - Cleveland, Ohio

o (4).jpg

Photo by Sweet Moses via Yelp


5. Velvet Ice Cream - Utica, Ohio

Velvet Ice Cream

Photo by Velvet Ice Cream via Facebook


4. Honey Hut Ice Cream - Cleveland, Ohio

Honey Hut Ice Cream

Photo by Honey Hut Ice Cream via Facebook


3. Graeter's Ice Cream - Cincinnati, Ohio

Graeter's Ice Cream

Photo by Graeter's Ice Cream via Facebook


2. Mitchell's Homemade Ice Cream - Cleveland, Ohio

Mitchell's Homemade Ice Cream

Photo by Mitchell's Homemade Ice Cream via Facebook


1. Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream - Columbus, Ohio

Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream

Photos by Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream via Facebook


Did your favorite local Ice Cream Shop make our list? Submit your favorite via the form below. 

What is your favorite local ice cream shop?
What city is this ice cream shop located in?
Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream

Featured photo byJeni's Splendid Ice Cream

20 Tasty Taco Shops in Ohio

Rikki Teeters

We never turn down a good taco. From authentic Mexican cuisine to modern fusion flavors, Ohio has some of the best fresh taco shops around. Have you ever wondered where to find the best tacos in Ohio? Look no further. Here is our list of 20 Tasty Taco Shops in Ohio.

20. Nada - Cincinnati, Ohio

Nada Cincinnati

Photo by Nada via


19. Taqueria Tres Hermanos - Dayton, Ohio

Taqueria tres hermanos - Dayton, Ohio

Photo by Taqueria Tres Hermanos via Facebook


18. Uncle Tito's Mexican Grill - Akron, Ohio

Uncle Tito's Mexican Grill

Photo by Uncle Tito's Mexican Grill via Facebook


17. Camino - Cleveland, Ohio


Photo by Camino via Facebook


16. Taqueria La Loma - Akron, Ohio

Taqueria La Loma Akron Ohio

Photo by C D. on Yelp


15. Tapatias Taqueria - Cleveland, Ohio

Tapatias Taqueria

Photo by Sam L. via Yelp


14. Chiapas Mexican Grill - Dayton, Ohio


Photo by Amy N. via Yelp


13. Barrio - Cleveland, Ohio


Photo by Barrio via Facebook


12. Guerra's Krazy Taco - Springfield, Ohio

Guerra's Krazy Taco

Photo by Guerra's Krazy Taco via Facebook


11. Fresco Mexican Grill & Salsa Bar - Kent, Ohio

Fresco Mexican Grill & Salsa Bar - Kent, Ohio

Photo by Fresco Mexican Grill & Salsa Bar via Facebook


10. Taqueria Mixteca - Dayton, Ohio

Taqueria Mixteca

Photo by Nicole D. via Yelp


9. Condado - Columbus, Ohio

Condado - Columbus, Ohio

Photo by Condado via Facebook


8. Cuco's Taqueria - Columbus, Ohio

Cuco's Taqueria - Columbus, Ohio

Photo by Cuco's Taqueria via Facebook


7. El Camino - Cincinnati, Ohio

El Camino - Cincinnati, Ohio

Photo by El Camino via Facebook


6. La Super Torta - Columbus, Ohio

La Super Torta

Photo by Niki V. via Yelp


5. Gomez Salsa - Cincinnati, Ohio

Gomez Salsa - Cincinnati, Ohio

4. OH Taco - Sandusky, Ohio

OH Taco

Photo by Oh Taco via Facebook


3. Bakersfield - Cincinnati, Ohio


Photo by Bakersfield via Facebook


2. La Plaza Supermarket - Cleveland, Ohio

La Plaza Supermarket

Photo by Sam L. via Yelp


1. Mazunte - Cincinnati, Ohio

Mezunte Cincinnati Tacos

Photo by Mazunte via Facebook


Did your local taco spot make our list? Send us your favorite Ohio taco places via the form below.

What is the name of your favorite local taco shop?
Where is this taco shop located in Ohio?

20 Sizzling Pizza Places in Ohio

Rikki Teeters

We are always on the hunt for the perfect pizza. Luckily, Ohio has some of the best pizza shops in the world so we do not ever have to travel far. We asked our Instagram followers to tell us their favorite pizza places which helped us create our list. Get ready to take a pizza road trip around Ohio to try these 20 Sizzling Pizza Places in Ohio.

20. Mohio - Delaware, Ohio

Mohio - Delaware

19. Brimfield Bread Oven - Kent, Ohio

Brimfield Bread Oven

18. Dewey's Pizza - Cincinnati, Ohio

Dewey's Pizza

17. Wheat Penny - Dayton, Ohio

Wheat Penny

16. Two Cities Pizza - Mason, Ohio

Two Cities Pizza

15. 3 Palms Pizzeria - Hudson, Ohio

3 Palms Pizzeria.jpg

14. Park Street Pizza - Sugarcreek, Ohio

Park Street Pizza

13. Cocca's Pizza Boardman - Youngstown, Ohio

Cocca's Pizza

12. Goodfellas Pizzeria - Cincinnati, Ohio

Goodfellas Pizza

11. 5th Street Pub - Perrysburg, Ohio

5th Street Pub

10. Angelo's - Lakewood, Ohio

Angelo's Lakewood

9. Forno Kitchen + Bar

Forno Kitchen + Bar

8. Citizen Pie - Cleveland, Ohio


7. Paulie Gee's Short North - Columbus, Ohio

Paulie Gee's Short North

6. Mia Bella Restaurant - Cleveland, Ohio

Mia Bella Restaurant - Cleveland

5. Crust - Cleveland, Ohio

Crust Pizza Cleveland

4. Harlow’s - Lakewood, Ohio

Harlow’s Pizza - Lakewood

3. Old Scratch Pizza - Dayton, Ohio

Old Scratch Pizza

2. A Tavola Bar + Trattoria - Cincinnati, Ohio

A Tavola Bar + Trattoria

1. Harvest Pizzeria - Columbus & Cincinnati, Ohio

Harvest Pizzeria

Did your favorite local pizza shop make our list? Tell us your favorite Ohio pizza places via the form below.

What is your favorite local pizza shop?
Where is this pizza shop located in Ohio?

Featured Photo by Harlow's Pizza

20 Delicious Donut Shops in Ohio

Rikki Teeters

Ohio has some of the best donut shops in the world. We make sure to stop and try local donuts during all of our adventures across Ohio. Here is our list of 20 Delicious Donut Shops in Ohio.

20. Marcella's Doughnuts & Bakery - Amelia, Ohio

Marcellas Doughnuts

19. Lil Donut Factory - Hilliard, Ohio

Lil Donut Factory

18.Becker's Donuts - Fairview Park, Ohio

Becker's Donuts

17. Crispie Creme Donuts (The Original) - Chillicothe, Ohio

Crispie Creme Donuts

16. Donut Lab Food Truck - Cleveland, Ohio

Donut Lab Food Truck

15. The Donut Experiment - Dublin, Ohio

The Donut Experiment

14. Jupiter Coffee and Donuts - Fairfield, Ohio

Juniper Coffee and Donuts

13. Amy's Donuts - Columbus, Ohio

Amy's Donuts

12. Destination Donuts - Columbus, Ohio

Destination Donuts

11. Oxford Doughnut Shoppe - Oxford, Ohio

Oxford Doughnut Shoppe

10. Buckeye Donuts - Columbus, Ohio

Buckeye Donuts

9. Holey Toledough - Toledo, Ohio

Holey Toledough

8. Duck Donuts - Dayton, Ohio

Duck Donuts

7. Bill's Donuts - Centerville, Ohio

Bill's Donuts

6. Bear Creek Donuts - Miamisburg, Ohio

Bear Creek Donuts

5. Peace, Love and Little Donuts - Cleveland, Ohio

Peace, Love and Little Donuts

4. Tupelo Doughnuts - Clintonville, Ohio

Tupelo Doughnuts

3. Brewnuts - Cleveland, Ohio

Photo by @eatlocalohio & @cravetheland

Photo by @eatlocalohio & @cravetheland


2. The Vegan Doughnut Company - Lakewood, Ohio

The Vegan Doughnut Company

1. Holtman’s Donuts - Cincinnati, Ohio

Holtmans Donuts

Did your local Ohio donut shop make our list? Tell us your favorite via the form below.

What is your favorite local donut shop?
What city is this shop located in?

8 Must Find Food Trucks in Ohio

Rikki Teeters

Food trucks are one of the best ways to try delicious local foods and delicacies all over the world. Ohio has some of the best food trucks. Take a foodie adventure to try all of these amazing eateries. Here is our list of 8 Must Find Food Trucks in Ohio.

8. Tin Man Grill - Cincinnati, Ohio

Tin Man Grill

7. The Square Scullery - Akron, Ohio

The Square Scullery

6. Hott Mess Express - Cincinnati, Ohio

Hott Mess Express

5. Best Thing Smokin - Cincinnati, Ohio

Best Thing Smokin

4. Sophies Pierogi - Columbus, Ohio

Sophies Pierogi

3. Fetty's Street Food - Columbus, Ohio

Fetty's Street Food

2. Red Sesame - Cincinnati, Ohio

Red Sesame

1. The Little Kitchen Food Truck - Columbus, Ohio

The Little Kitchen Food Truck

Did your favorite Ohio food trucks make our list? Tell us your favorites via the form below.

What city is this food truck located in?

10 Places To Find Amazing Macarons in Ohio

Rikki Teeters

Macarons are delicious bite-sized desserts. Have you ever wondered where to find these delicacies in Ohio? Look no further. Here is our list of 10 Places To Find Amazing Macarons in Ohio.

10. Kelsey Elizabeth Cakes - Rocky River, Ohio

Kelsey Elizabeth Cakes

9. Michelle's Macarons - New Bremen, Ohio

Unicorn Macarons Ohio

8. KB Confections - Lakewood, Ohio

KB Confections

7. Bake Me Treats - Poland, Ohio

Bake Me Treats

6. Bonjour Macarons - Dayton, Ohio

Bonjour Macarons Dayton Ohio

5. Buona Terra - Cincinnati, Ohio

Buona Terra Cincinnati Macarons

4. Le Torte Dolci - Springfield, Ohio

Le Torte Dolci

3. Coquette Patisserie - Cleveland, Ohio

Coquette Patisserie

2. Pistacia Vera - Columbus, Ohio

Pistacia Vera

1. Macaron Bar - Cincinnati, Ohio

Macaron Bar

Featured Photo of Macaron Bar by Anjali Fong Photography

25 Ohio Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

Rikki Teeters

We love following local bloggers on Instagram. These awesome Ohioans are always exploring cool spaces and delicious restaurants. No matter your style or taste, you can find an Ohio blogger to connect with. We compiled a list of 25 Ohio Bloggers to Follow on Instagram. These are some of the best bloggers in Ohio. Follow them and come along on their Ohio adventures!


25.  Hummusapien - @hummusapien - Columbus, Ohio


24. Cle Vegan - @cle_vegan - Cleveland, Ohio

Cle Vegan

23. The Samantha Show - @samantha_show_ - Cleveland, Ohio

The Samantha Show

22. My Life From Home - @mylifefromhome - Cincinnati, Ohio 

My Life From Home

21. Whole Living Lauren - @wholelivinglauren - Columbus, Ohio

Photo by  @laurynbyrdystudio  on Instagram

Photo by @laurynbyrdystudio on Instagram


20. My Versatile Style - @itsmemeach - Cleveland, Ohio

My Versatile Style

19. Eating Books - @eatingb00ks - Columbus, Ohio

Eating Books

18. Girl About Columbus - @girlaboutcolumbus - Columbus, Ohio

Girl About Columbus

17. Two Girls One Cbus - @twogirlsonecbus - Columbus, Ohio

Two Girls One Cbus

16. An Explorer's Heart - @anexplorersheart - Columbus, Ohio

An Explorer's Heart

15. DDOTTS - @ddotts_ - Cincinnati, Ohio


14. Kasual Life - @kasuallife - Columbus, Ohio

Kasual Life

13. Are You Kitchen Me - @areyoukitchenme - Columbus, Ohio 

Are You Kitchen Me

12. Columbus Foodie - @columbus_foodie - Columbus, Ohio

Columbus Foodie

11. Queen City Foodie - @queencityfoodie - Cincinnati, Ohio

Queen City Foodie

10. Merlot & Chat - @merlotandchat - Dayton, Ohio

Merlot and Chat

9. Eat Play Cbus - @eatplaycbus - Columbus, Ohio

Photo by @exact_moments_photography

Photo by @exact_moments_photography


8. That's What She Eats - @thatswhatsheeats - Cleveland, Ohio

That's What She Eats

7. Vino In The Village - @emilyvdw - Columbus, Ohio

Vino In The Village

6. Simply Taylor - @simplytaylorblog - Columbus, Ohio

Simply Taylor Blog

5. Foods of Jane - @foodsofjane - Cleveland, Ohio

Foods of Jane

4. Our City House - @ourcityhouse - Cincinnati, Ohio

Our City House

3. Breakfast With Nick - @breakfastwithnick - Columbus, Ohio

Breakfast With Nick

2. Out + Outfit - @outandoutfit - Cincinnati, Ohio

Out And Outfit

1. Natalie Was Here - @nataliefolchi - Columbus, Oho

Natalie Was Here

Did your favorite Ohio bloggers make our list? Tell us your favorites via the form below.

Blogger must live in Ohio.

Featured Photo by @nataliefolchi

10 Best Coffee Shops in Ohio

Rikki Teeters

Ohio has some of the best coffee shops in the world. Last year, we toured Ohio to visit our followers' favorite coffee spots. During our adventure, we found that Ohio has some amazing coffee shops! Here is our list of the 10 Best Coffee Shops in Ohio.

10. Fox in the Snow Cafe - Columbus, Ohio

Photo via Fox in the Snow on Facebook

Photo via Fox in the Snow on Facebook

9. Six Shooter Coffee - Cleveland, Ohio

Photo by Ohio Explored at Six Shooter Coffee

Photo by Ohio Explored at Six Shooter Coffee

8. Maddie & Bella Coffee Roasters - Perrysburg, Ohio

Photo by  Maddie & Bella  via Facebook

Photo by Maddie & Bella via Facebook

7. Sure House Coffee - Wooster, Ohio

Photo of @surehousecoffee by @graceejones

Photo of @surehousecoffee by @graceejones

6. The Roosevelt Coffeehouse - Columbus, Ohio

Photo via  The Roosevelt Coffeehouse  on Facebook

Photo via The Roosevelt Coffeehouse on Facebook

5. Paper City Coffee - Chillicothe, Ohio

Photo via  Paper City Coffee  on Facebook

Photo via Paper City Coffee on Facebook

4. Coffee Emporium - Cincinnati, Ohio

Photo by  Coffee Emporium  via Instagram

Photo by Coffee Emporium via Instagram

3. Urbana Cafe - Cincinnati, Ohio

Photo of Urbana Cafe by  Aaconn Photo

Photo of Urbana Cafe by Aaconn Photo

2. Rising Star Coffee Roasters Hingetown - Cleveland, Ohio

Photo of Rising Star Coffee Hingetown by  arbela_c  on Instagram

Photo of Rising Star Coffee Hingetown by arbela_c on Instagram

1. Rustbelt Coffee - Toledo, Ohio

Photo of Rustbelt Coffee by  @lylahrosewolff  on Instagram

Photo of Rustbelt Coffee by @lylahrosewolff on Instagram


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10 Reasons To Shop Local

Rikki Teeters

Shopping local has so many benefits! When you support local businesses, you make a positive impact on the world around you.

10. Know Your Makers - Shopping local gives you the opportunity to know the people who make your products. Local business owners have more accountability than "Big Box" store owners. If something is wrong with your purchase, you can speak directly with the person in power to fix your problem. No long customer service calls. Since local products are made near you, most can be customized to meet your specific needs. You can take personalization to a whole new level.

9. Strengthen Your Economy - When you support local businesses, you directly boost your local economy. Strong locally owned businesses raise property values. They also put their taxes back into your local economy. Local business owners tend to support other local businesses - so your local purchase starts a cycle of local support! Studies show that 68% of money spent locally stays local compared to less than 50% at chain stores. Strong local businesses inspire more competition and foster innovation. More competition = better products & services + more choices for consumers.

Fern Shop Cincinnati

8. Create Jobs - Local businesses hire locals to staff their companies. These jobs tend to have higher wages and better benefits. Local businesses always create local jobs.

7. Support Local Families - When you make a local purchase, you directly support local families. Many families of small business owners struggle to make ends meet each month. Your support literally puts food on their tables and a roof over their heads. Often people vocally support their favorite local businesses without actually financially supporting that business as well. While word of mouth is fantastic, it does not pay the bills. Small local businesses rely on neighbors and community members to keep them alive.

6. Find Better Quality Products - Locally made products are made with love. The artists & makers that create each product, care deeply about the quality of their goods. Local small business owners know that they are going to be held accountable if their products are sub-par.

Fern Shop Cincinnati

5. Get Healthy - When local makers create products by hand, they are very careful about which ingredients go into their products. Makers tend to create more eco-friendly products. Some of the world's best natural goods companies are located in Ohio! Food is also healthier when grown locally. It is easy to find out exactly where your local foods come from. Not a fan of pesticides and preservatives? Always shop local!

4. Vote With Your Dollars - "Get Political" - Make sure the businesses and organizations that you are financially supporting with your purchases are aligned with your values. With local businesses, it is easy to find out where their profits go. For example, you can choose to shop at your locally owned grocery store which directly supports your local agricultural industry OR you can choose to shop at Walmart and directly support unethical labor, unfair wages, and the killing of small businesses in America. Let's just say, most local business owners are WOKE AF.

Fern Shop Cincinnati

3. Build Community - When you shop local, you build meaningful connections & relationships with business owners in your community. When neighbors take care of neighbors, communities are stronger. Local non-profits receive more support from locally owned businesses. Strong local businesses create a more unique community - which in turn attracts travelers and tourists to explore your town. Communities that support their local businesses thrive.

Fern Shop Cincinnati

2. Save The Environment - Choosing local has a direct impact on the environment on a local and global scale. Since local shops are near your home, you can walk, bike, or take public transit to go shopping - which eliminates nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, and other pollution from cars. You can also reduce the transportation impact from traveling goods. To make mass-produced products, there is a long chain of processes which all negatively impact the environment. When you buy from a local Maker, your product makes a much smaller footprint on the environment. Some local Makers strive to make only positive impacts on the environment with their products and their business practices. 

Fern Shop Cincinnati

1. Buy Way Cooler Stuff - Locally made products are always more unique than mass-produced products. Wear a locally made necklace to work and we guarantee you will experience "where did you get that" moments. And you will feel good while wearing it! Local artists & makers are simply following their true calling. It is their destiny to create. They are the mediums through which amazing ideas are transformed into real life creations. There is a special energy transferred in handmade goods. When you purchase a locally made good, you are also buying the positive vibes instilled from the product's creator.

Fern Shop Cincinnati

Featured Local Shop: Fern Shop Cincinnati // Photos by Rikki at Ohio Explored


Shop Local at our Ohio Maker Marts!

Sunny Meade Alpaca Farm

Rikki Teeters

We have been following Sunny Meade Alpaca Farm on Facebook ever since we saw our first video of Baby Tut flopping around in their field. Sunny Meade is an alpaca farm located in Swanton, Ohio. They post daily wonderful videos of their happy Alpacas on their Facebook page. During our last trip to Northwestern Ohio, we took some extra time to meet these beautiful creatures and their keepers.

Sunny Meade Alpaca Farm
Sunny Meade Alpaca Farm
Sunny Meade Alpaca Farm
Sunny Meade Alpaca Farm
Sunny Meade Alpaca Farm

We learned the Sunny Meade Alpaca Farm has been in business for 19 years! Owner, Julie, was a graphic designer that fell in love with a baby Alpaca while working on an Alpaca logo. She says the rest was history. Along with her husband, Julie cares of these beautiful animals.

Sunny Meade Alpaca Farm
Sunny Meade Alpaca Farm
Sunny Meade Alpaca Farm
Sunny Meade Alpaca Farm
Sunny Meade Alpaca Farm
Sunny Meade Alpaca Farm
Sunny Meade Alpaca Farm
Sunny Meade Alpaca Farm
Sunny Meade Alpaca Farm
Sunny Meade Alpaca Farm
Sunny Meade Alpaca Farm
Sunny Meade Alpaca Farm
Sunny Meade Alpaca Farm
Sunny Meade Alpaca Farm

Along with raising and caring for the alpacas, Julie also has her own art studio where she creates beautiful pieces from alpaca fibers. She offers classes to local crafters!

Sunny Meade Alpaca Farm
Sunny Meade Alpaca Farm
Sunny Meade Alpaca Farm
Sunny Meade Alpaca Farm
Sunny Meade Alpaca Farm
Sunny Meade Alpaca Farm
Sunny Meade Alpaca Farm
Sunny Meade Alpaca Farm
Sunny Meade Alpaca Farm

Products from Sunny Meade Alpaca Farm feature a photo of the Alpaca that contributed fiber to your item! You can even meet your special Alpaca at the farm. 

Sunny Meade Alpaca Farm

And the best news is you can Become a PacaPal! Support Sunny Meade Alpacas by becoming a PacaPal! This great program allows long-distance Alpaca lovers to support the cause.

Sunny Meade Alpaca Farm

10 Reasons To Visit Yellow Springs

Rikki Teeters

Yellow Springs, Ohio is a Midwest Gem. Tucked in between local produce fields and natural wonders, this small town is like a dream. Here is a list of our 10 Reasons To Visit Yellow Springs.

10. Enjoy beautiful waterfalls at Clifton Mills & Glen Helen


9. Shop local at unique Ohio businesses


8. It's an artists paradise


7. The streets are lined with lovely artwork


6. See an award winning movie at Little Art Theater


5. You can bring the kids!


4. Recycling is a priority and even the trash cans are made of art


3. Pick up fresh local flowers & produce


2. Businesses are welcoming to all people


1. It is one of the coolest places in Ohio

There are so many fun things to do in and around Yellow Springs! Make sure to visit John Bryan State Park while you are in the area!


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5 Small Businesses Creating a Healthier Cleveland

Rikki Teeters

Written by: Meach Zavodny of the fashion and lifestyle blog "My Versatile Style"

There's no doubt that wellness has become #trendy. In a quick scroll through Instagram you're almost guaranteed to find a friend's gym selfie or an artsy photo of avocado toast - if not both. And although it can be argued that some people go a little too far with the #fitspo, I personally love the fact that an industry geared towards the enhancement of mind, body and soul is thriving - especially in little, old, unassuming Cleveland.

Townhall Cleveland

Maybe this is old news to you, or maybe you had no idea, but The Land is quickly becoming a health buff's dream. From bulletproof coffee to cold pressed cocktails, local entrepreneurs have found innovative ways to put a healthier twist on even the simplest of pleasures. With the betterment of the mind, body and soul at the core of everything they do, these business owners have created a wellness community of sorts in CLE, and it’s really cool to see.

Whether you live in Cleveland or are planning a visit, here are 5 of my favorite wellness-oriented local businesses that are worth a try (or ten!).


Located in Ohio City, just steps away from the West Side Market, TownHall is the mecca of the Cleveland wellness scene - specifically when it comes to food and drink. Their menu was specifically crafted to be 100% NON-GMO, and they're all about #balance! So while they're committed to keeping chemical-rich foods off their menu, flavor is by no means sacrificed. Their menu includes an array of guilty pleasures, but it's also inclusive of those who follow vegan, paleo and/or gluten-free diets. Some of my favorites include their grass-fed burger (topped with organic cheese), crisp zucchini noodle bowl and bone broth (it’s more delicious than it sounds)! The fortitude smoothie is my beverage of choice if I'm visiting for brunch, otherwise I go with the "Make Me a Bicycle, Clown!" cold pressed cocktail.

Townhall Cleveland


Rebol is located in Public Square, right in the heart of Downtown Cleveland. It's actually TownHall's little sister, but like all siblings they're unique in their own way. A cafe-style eatery, Rebol has a smaller menu, but it still packs a powerful (and NON-GMO) punch. Everything is simple and clean, and they implement organic products whenever possible. I'm a huge fan of their "Yolked Up" breakfast sandwich as well as their Breakfast Bol. Their bulletproof coffee is fantastic, too, and it prolongs energy without the mental fog or crash.

Rebol Cleveland
Rebol Cleveland

Raw Trainer

This one is more oriented to Cleveland locals, but I had to add it here because it's such a cool concept. Through Raw Trainer you can get clean, pre-packaged meals and snacks delivered to you on the weekly. So if you’re too busy to cook clean meals, or you don’t know where to start, they have your back. I especially love their "cookie dough" and "brownie batter" snacks. Their Poke Bowl is great, too!

Raw Trainer Cleveland
Raw Trainer Cleveland

Cleveland Yoga

Cleveland Yoga has two locations - Uptown and Beachwood. They specialize in Power Vinyasa Yoga, offering group classes, private sessions and even beginner courses. They’re prepared to train people of all skill levels, so you by no means have to be a pro! And while yoga is their specialty, they preach wellness in all areas of life. In that, they also offer services like health coaching and massage.

Cleveland Yoga

Barre Cleveland

Like yoga, barre is one of those workouts you underestimate until you actually do it. The workouts are a combination of yoga, Pilates and strength training using your own body weight (for the most part). It's said to be great for toning, stretching and achieving an overall lean look. And while the folks at Barre Cleveland are great at their craft, it's actually their community that impresses me most. Everyone seems to know everyone, and if someone unfamiliar walks through the doors they are immediately welcomed by all! Barre Cleveland is exclusively located in Beachwood, right off Chagrin Blvd.

Barre Cleveland
Barre Cleveland

All of these businesses regularly inspire people, both old and young, to live their best lives. I hope that by introducing you to them I've inspired you to do so, too, no matter where you might live. But if you do live in CLE, or even if you plan on visiting soon, be sure to check these spots out. Your mind and body will thank you for it.

Live in CLE? You're in for a treat! In celebration of Small Business Saturday, we're giving away the ultimate wellness package to one lucky winner! The package includes:

  • $100 gift card to TownHall

  • $50 gift card to Rebol

  • One small pack from Raw Trainer with free home delivery

  • One month of unlimited classes at Cleveland Yoga

  • One month of unlimited classes at Barre Cleveland

To enter, you must 1. follow each of the accounts linked below on Instagram, and 2. post any of the pictures included in this write up to your own personal Instagram account. In the caption of your post, let us know why you want to win, OR encourage your friends to #shopsmall on Saturday, November 25th. Be sure to tag all of the partners below in your photo so we know you've entered!

The contest period will run from Thursday, November 23, 2017 through midnight ET on Saturday, November 25th. One lucky winner will be contacted via direct message on Instagram the week of November 27th - so please be sure your account is enabled to receive messages if you'd like to win. Good luck!


Blink Art & Light Festival Cincinnati

Rikki Teeters

Cincinnati's first Blink festival was a must experience event. As one of the largest projection-mapping light shows in the nation, Blink brought together a diverse group of people to celebrate light. Local artists built light exhibits spanning 20 blocks across the city. We experienced the festival on Friday night. It was absolutely beautiful (the lights and the unity).

Lookin Good Mural Blink Cincinnati
Blink Cincinnati 2017
Blink 2017 Cincinnati
Washington Park Blink 2017
Washington Park Cincinnati
Blink Cincinnati 2017
Blink Cincinnati 2017
Findlay Market Blink Cincinnati
Findlay Market Cincinnati
Findlay Market
Findlay Market

Blink runs from October 12-15 in downtown Cincinnati.

Fall Weekend Getaway to Cleveland

Rikki Teeters

Guest post written by Leah Deppert of By Travel & Error

Cleveland Ohio

Autumn is the perfect time to visit Cleveland. While summers are a blast in the Land, CLE really shows off in the fall with it’s color-changing leaves, slightly cooler temperatures and plethora of activities and events for all. Foodie? Outdoor Adventurer? Beer/Wine Connoisseur? Theater Lover? Sports Fanatic? If you answered yes to any of those questions, it’s time to book your fall weekend getaway to Cleveland.

Cleveland Photos

Fall Weekend Getaway to Cleveland

Friday *Time to Paint the Town Red*

  •  4:00 PM: Check-in at your lodging. Cleveland has recently had quite a few amazing hotels built in the downtown area.
    • Kimpton Schofield Hotel: Location, location, location! Book here.
    • Aloft Cleveland Downtown: Artsy flair and close to many popular attractions like the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & the East Bank of the Flats! Book here.
    • Cleveland Hostel: Need a budget friendly option? Check out the Cleveland hostel which is outside of downtown but in a great neighborhood called Ohio City. Think lots of cool bars and plenty of locally owned restaurant options.
    • For a full list, check out TripAdvisor’s reviews!
  • 5:00 PM: Grab a glass of vino or craft beer (pumpkin-flavored preferably) from the Heinen’s Grocery Store 2nd floor rotunda balcony bar. Happy hour in a grocery store? YES! This historic building was previously home to the Cleveland Trust Company and has recently been restored to a grocery store. Check out their events calendar for themed nights like “Bubbles Because-Latin Lovers”. Done and done.
  • 6:00 PM: No visit to Cleveland is complete without a stop on East 4th Street. Craving pasta? Eat at Chinato. A bit more adventurous? Check out the innovative pairings at the Greenhouse Tavern. On a budget? Tacos at Barrio it is.
  • 7:30 PM: Time to be entertained! Consider going to a concert at the House of Blues, attending a show in Playhouse Square or cheering on the Cleveland Indians during the playoffs.

Saturday *Learn From the Past: A Day of History, Art & Good Italian Food!*

  • 9:00 AM: Wake up and head to the West Side Market! Taste and sample in-season goodies to your heart’s desire. If you’re still hungry, head to Lucky’s Cafe in Tremont. Order the Waffles, Shipwreck Omelette and Pecan Bacon. Yummm…
Cleveland West Side Market
  • 11:00 AM: Choose one or two museums to visit. There are so many to choose from, but some of the most popular include the Rock & Roll Hall of FameCleveland Museum of Art, and Cleveland Museum of Natural History.
  • 1:00 PM: If you’re lucky enough to visit when the Cleveland Flea is happening, be sure to check out this local favorite! If you’ve recovered from brunch, the food and drink options here will not disappoint.
  • 3:00 PM: Looking for a bit of fresh air? Check out one of the many stretches of the Cleveland Metroparks. Edgewater is close to downtown and has great paved trails and views of Lake Erie. Short drive don’t bother you? Check out one of the many apple orchards near Cleveland and pick a bushel while sneaking a few crunchy bites.
Fall in Cleveland Ohio
Fall in Cleveland Ohio
  • 7:00 PM: After a bit of R&R, head to Little Italy to feast on pizza, pasta, wine, tiramisu and cannolis. Corbo’s Bakery is the perfect after-dinner sweet spot.

Sunday *Explore the Great Outdoors*

Cleveland Coffee Ohio

11:45 AM: Check out of your hotel and say a “see you soon” to downtown CLE. Grab your wheels and head to the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad train station in Independence where you’ll hop on the 12:50 PM train headed for Peninsula. Enjoy the shades of yellows, reds, oranges and greens outside your window and experience all the fall feels.

Photo 8.jpg
Autumn Cleveland Ohio Fall
  • 1:30 PM: Get off the train in Peninsula and rent bikes at Century Cycle to work off all those calories you’ve consumed this weekend. Make a quick stop at Szalay’s Farm & Market to listen to some live music, gawk at the hundreds of pumpkins and (of course) savor some fall treats (apple cider and corn on the cob on a stick, anyone?!).
Szalay's Sweet Corn Farm Market Cleveland
Cleveland Ohio Market
Cleveland Ohio Donuts
Cleveland Ohio Pumpkins
Cleveland Ohio Pumpkins
  • 4:30 PM: After more outdoor adventures, return your bike and head back to Independence via the train feeling tired but happy. Vow to return to CLE because you barely scratched the surface. Drive (or fly) home thinking to yourself, “I was skeptical, but Cleveland IS pretty great…” I won’t even say I told you so.

Check out this “All the Fall Things” video that Destination Cleveland recently released and grab your calendar to decide when you are booking your fall weekend getaway to Cleveland!

Read Leah Deppert's Blog of By Travel & Error & Follow her on Instagram

Uptown Oxford Ohio

Rikki Teeters

We fell in love with Uptown Oxford while we were students at Miami University years ago. Though it was lovely during the school year, Oxford was always the most special during the summertime. When most of the students are home for the summer, this small town is returned to the locals who call Oxford home.

Beautiful historic brick streets in Uptown Oxford are lined with shops and restaurants. Locally owned places like Bodega and Kona Bistro as well as popular chains like Chipotle and Skyline provide locals and visitors with many food and drink options. Uptown Oxford is also home to over 20+ bars and night clubs which transform the city into a different world at night.

We recently visited Oxford and made sure to stop in Uptown Oxford to snap some photos of how the city has changed since we called it home.

Bagel and Deli