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10 Eco-Friendly Small Businesses in Ohio

Rikki Teeters

With climate change as a looming threat to the sustainability of our planet, it is up to consumers to support businesses that strive to make a positive impact on our world instead of a negative one. Luckily, it has never been easier to shop locally and buy with purpose. Ohio has many environmentally conscious small businesses and local artists that are making a difference on a local and global scale with their products and business practices. We curated a list of 10 Eco-Friendly Small Businesses in Ohio! You can start supporting these amazing local businesses today. Meet each of these talented local Makers at one of our upcoming Ohio Maker Marts!

10. Humble Hive Homemade


10 Healthy Juice Bars in Ohio

Rikki Teeters

Juice Bars are certainly trendy and for good reason. They typically focus on serving healthy, locally-sourced juices and meals. Ohio is home to some of the best Juice Bars in the world. We made a list of our favorites! Here are 10 Healthy Juice Bars in Ohio.

10. Off the Vine - Cincinnati, Ohio

Off The Vine Juice Bar

Photo by Off The Vine Juice Bar via Facebook


9. Midwest Juicery - Toledo, Ohio (served a several locations)

Midwest Juicery

Photo by Midwest Juicery via Facebook


8. Daily Press Juice - Cleveland, Ohio

Daily Press Juice Cleveland

Photo by Daily Press Juice via Facebook


7. Green Farm Juicery - Blue Ash, Ohio

Green Farm Juicery

Photo by Green Farm Juicery via Facebook


6. Zest Juice - Columbus, Ohio

Zest Juice - Columbus, Ohio

Photo by Zest Juice via Facebook


5. Rooted Juicery & Kitchen - Cincinnati, Ohio

Rooted Juicery & Kitchen - Cincinnati, Ohio

Photo by Rooted Juicery & Kitchen via


4. Beet Jar Juicebar & Takeaway - Cleveland, Ohio 

Beet Jar Juicebar & Takeaway - Cleveland, Ohio 

Photo by Beet Jar Juicebar & Takeaway via Facebook


3. Native Cold Pressed - Columbus, Ohio

Native Cold Pressed - Columbus, Ohio

Photo by Native Cold Pressed via Facebook


2. Alchemy - Columbus, Ohio

Alchemy - Columbus

Photo by Alchemy in Columbus, Ohio


1. Restore Cold Pressed - Cleveland, Ohio

Restore Cold Pressed

Photo by Restore Cold Pressed via


Did your favorite local Juice Bar make it onto our list? Let us know via the form below.

What is your favorite local Juice Bar?
What city is this Juice Bar located in?
Native Cold Pressed

Featured Photo by Native Cold Pressed via Facebook

40 Best Craft Breweries in Ohio

Rikki Teeters

We think it is safe to say that Ohio is the new craft beer capital of the US. Want proof? Ohio's 3 largest cities (Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati) are filled to the brim with nationally ranked craft breweries and our small towns represent with their high quality brews. Here is our list of the 40 Best Craft Breweries in Ohio. Make sure to try them all!

40. Kindred Brewing - Columbus, Ohio

Kindred Brewing - Columbus, Ohio

Photo by Kindred Brewing via Facebook


39. Wild Ohio Brewing Company - Columbus, Ohio

Wild Ohio Brewing Company

Photo by Wild Ohio Brewing Company via Facebook


38. March First Brewing - Cincinnati, Ohio

March First Brewing

Photo by March First Brewing via Facebook


37. BrewDog USA - Canal Winchester, Ohio

BrewDog USA

Photo by BrewDog USA via Facebook


36. HiHO Brewing Company - Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

HiHo Brewing Co.

Photo by HiHO Brewing via Facebook


35. Star City Brewing Company - Miamisburg, Ohio

Star City Brewing Company - Miamisburg

Photo by Star City Brewing Company


34. Terrestrial Brewing Company - Cleveland, Ohio

Terrestrial Brewing Company

Photo by Terrestrial Brewing Company via Facebook


33. The Brew Kettle - Strongsville, Ohio

The Brew Kettle - Strongsville

Photo by The Brew Kettle via Facebook


32. The Phoenix Brewing Company - Mansfield, Ohio

The Phoenix Brewing Company

Photo by The Phoenix Brewing Company via Facebook


31. Weasel Boy Brewing - Zanesville, Ohio

Weasel Boy Brewing

Photo by Weasel Boy Brewing via Facebook


30. Black Cloister Brewing Company - Toledo, Ohio

Black Cloister Brewing Company

Photo by Black Cloister Brewing Company via Facebook


29. Mt. Carmel Brewing Company - Cincinnati, Ohio

Mt. Carmel Brewing Company

Photo by Mt. Carmel Brewing Company via Facebook


28. Columbus Brewing Company - Columbus, Ohio

Columbus Brewing Company

Photo by Columbus Brewing Company via Facebook


27. Jackie O's Brewery - Athens, Ohio

Jackie O's Brewery - Athens

Photo by Jackie O's Brewery via Facebook


26. 16 Lots Brewing Company - Mason, Ohio

16 Lots Brewing Company

Photo by 16 Lots Brewing Company via Facebook


25. Lockport Brewery - Bolivar, Ohio 

Lockport Brewery

Photo by Lockport Brewery via Facebook


24. Rockmill Brewery - Lancaster, Ohio

Rockmill Brewery

Photo by Rockmill Brewery via Instagram


23. Hoppin' Frog Brewery - Akron, Ohio

Hoppin' Frog Brewery

Photo by Hoppin' Frog Brewery via Facebook


22. Brick And Barrel - Cleveland, Ohio

Brick And Barrel

Photo by Brick And Barrel via Facebook


21. FigLeaf Brewing Company - Middletown, Ohio

FigLeaf Brewing Company - Middletown

Photo by FigLeaf Brewing Company via Facebook


20. Rivertown Brewery and Barrel House - Monroe, Ohio

Rivertown Brewery and Barrel House

Photo by Rivertown Brewery and Barrel House via Facebook


19. The Woodburn Brewery - Cincinnati, Ohio

The Woodburn Brewery

Photo by The Woodburn Brewery via Facebook


18. Crooked Handle Brewing Co. - Springboro, Ohio

Crooked Handle Brewing Co.

Photo by Crooked Handle Brewing Co. via Facebook


17. Fat Head’s Brewery & Tap House - Middleburg Heights, Ohio

Fat Head's Brewery

Photo by Fat Head's Brewery via Facebook


16. Christian Moerlein Brewing - Cincinnati, Ohio

Christian Moerlein Brewing

Photo by Christian Moerlein Brewing via Facebook


15. Great Lakes Brewing Company - Cleveland, Ohio

Great Lakes Brewing Company

Photo by Great Lakes Brewing Company via Facebook


14. Nine Giant Brewing - Cincinnati, Ohio

Nine Giant Brewing

Photo by Nine Giant Brewing via Facebook


13. Lineage Brewing - Columbus, Ohio

Lineage Brewing

Photo by Lineage Brewing via Facebook


12. Warped Wing Brewing Company - Dayton, Ohio

Warped Wing Brewing Company - Dayton

Photo by Warped Wing Brewing Company via Facebook


11. Masthead Brewing - Cleveland, Ohio

Masthead Brewing

Photo by Masthead Brewing via Facebook


10. Listermann Brewing Company - Cincinnati, Ohio 

Listermann Brewing Company

Photo by Listermann Brewing Company via Facebook


9. Land-Grant Brewing Company - Columbus, Ohio

Land-Grant Brewing Company

Photo by Land-Grant Brewing Company via Facebook


8. Brink Brewing - Cincinnati, Ohio

Brink Brewing

Photo by Brink Brewing via Facebook


7. Seventh Son Brewing - Columbus, Ohio

Seventh Son Brewing

Photo by Seventh Son via Facebook


6. Platform Beer Co - Cleveland, Ohio

Platform Beer Co

Photo by Platform Beer Co via Facebook


5. Wolf’s Ridge Brewing - Columbus, Ohio

Wolf’s Ridge Brewing

Photo by Wolf’s Ridge Brewing via Facebook


4. Taft's Ale House - Cincinnati, Ohio

Taft’s Ale House - Over The Rhine

Photo by Taft's Ale House via Facebook


3. Rhinegeist Brewery - Cincinnati, Ohio

Rhinegeist Brewery

Photo by Rhinegeist via Facebook


2. Yellow Springs Brewery - Yellow Springs, Ohio

Yellow Springs Brewery

Photo by Yellow Springs Brewery on Facebook


1. Urban Artifact - Cincinnati, Ohio

Urban Artifact

Photo by Urban Artifact via Facebook


Did your favorite Ohio brewery make it onto our list? Let us know via the form below.

What is your favorite local Craft brewery?
What city is this brewery located in?
HiHO Brewing Co.

Featured Photo by HiHO Brewing via Facebook

20 Best Ice Cream Shops in Ohio

Rikki Teeters

I scream, you scream, we all scream for... you know the rest. ICE CREAM! We have a livelong love for Ohio's locally made ice creams. From super creamy classics to modern spiked flavors, Ohio has an ice cream shop for everyone. We made a list of our favorites. Here is our list of the 20 Best Ice Cream Shops in Ohio.

20. Piccadilly Artisan Creamery - Cleveland, Ohio

Piccadilly Artisan Creamery

Photo by Piccadilly Artisan Creamery via Facebook


19. Mr G's Barn - Toledo, Ohio

Mr G's Barn Ice Cream

Photo by Mr G's Barn via Facebook


18. Mason’s Creamery - Cleveland, Ohio 

Mason's Creamery

Photo by @bre_cheezin via Instagram


17. Buzzed Bull Creamery - Cincinnati, Ohio

Buzzed Bull Creamery

Photo by Buzzed Bull Creamery via Facebook


16. Dietsch Brothers - Findlay, Ohio

Dietsch Brothers

15. Tremont Scoops - Cleveland, Ohio

Tremont Scoops

Photo by Tremont Scoops via Facebook


14. Mardi Gras Homemade Ice Cream - Columbus, Ohio

Mardi Gras Homemade Ice Cream

Photo by Amy N. via Yelp


13. Cowhaus Creamery - Oberlin, Ohio

Cowhaus Creamery

Photo by Cowhaus Creamery via Facebook


12. Tom's Ice Cream Bowl - Zanesville, Ohio

Tom's Ice Cream Bowl

Photo by Becca W. via Yelp


11. Hello Honey - Cincinnati, Ohio

Hello Honey

Photo by Mimi B. via Yelp


10. Aglamesis Bros - Cincinnati, Ohio

Aglamesis Brothers

Photo by Aglamesis Brothers on Facebook


9. Pav's Creamery - Akron, Ohio

Pav's Creamery

Photo by Pav's Creamery on Facebook


8. Z's Cream & Bean - Hinckley, Ohio

Z's Cream & Bean

7. Young's Jersey Dairy - Yellow Springs, Ohio

Young's Jersey Dairy

Photo by Karuna Z. via Yelp


6. Sweet Moses - Cleveland, Ohio

o (4).jpg

Photo by Sweet Moses via Yelp


5. Velvet Ice Cream - Utica, Ohio

Velvet Ice Cream

Photo by Velvet Ice Cream via Facebook


4. Honey Hut Ice Cream - Cleveland, Ohio

Honey Hut Ice Cream

Photo by Honey Hut Ice Cream via Facebook


3. Graeter's Ice Cream - Cincinnati, Ohio

Graeter's Ice Cream

Photo by Graeter's Ice Cream via Facebook


2. Mitchell's Homemade Ice Cream - Cleveland, Ohio

Mitchell's Homemade Ice Cream

Photo by Mitchell's Homemade Ice Cream via Facebook


1. Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream - Columbus, Ohio

Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream

Photos by Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream via Facebook


Did your favorite local Ice Cream Shop make our list? Submit your favorite via the form below. 

What is your favorite local ice cream shop?
What city is this ice cream shop located in?
Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream

Featured photo byJeni's Splendid Ice Cream

20 Tasty Taco Shops in Ohio

Rikki Teeters

We never turn down a good taco. From authentic Mexican cuisine to modern fusion flavors, Ohio has some of the best fresh taco shops around. Have you ever wondered where to find the best tacos in Ohio? Look no further. Here is our list of 20 Tasty Taco Shops in Ohio.

20. Nada - Cincinnati, Ohio

Nada Cincinnati

Photo by Nada via


19. Taqueria Tres Hermanos - Dayton, Ohio

Taqueria tres hermanos - Dayton, Ohio

Photo by Taqueria Tres Hermanos via Facebook


18. Uncle Tito's Mexican Grill - Akron, Ohio

Uncle Tito's Mexican Grill

Photo by Uncle Tito's Mexican Grill via Facebook


17. Camino - Cleveland, Ohio


Photo by Camino via Facebook


16. Taqueria La Loma - Akron, Ohio

Taqueria La Loma Akron Ohio

Photo by C D. on Yelp


15. Tapatias Taqueria - Cleveland, Ohio

Tapatias Taqueria

Photo by Sam L. via Yelp


14. Chiapas Mexican Grill - Dayton, Ohio


Photo by Amy N. via Yelp


13. Barrio - Cleveland, Ohio


Photo by Barrio via Facebook


12. Guerra's Krazy Taco - Springfield, Ohio

Guerra's Krazy Taco

Photo by Guerra's Krazy Taco via Facebook


11. Fresco Mexican Grill & Salsa Bar - Kent, Ohio

Fresco Mexican Grill & Salsa Bar - Kent, Ohio

Photo by Fresco Mexican Grill & Salsa Bar via Facebook


10. Taqueria Mixteca - Dayton, Ohio

Taqueria Mixteca

Photo by Nicole D. via Yelp


9. Condado - Columbus, Ohio

Condado - Columbus, Ohio

Photo by Condado via Facebook


8. Cuco's Taqueria - Columbus, Ohio

Cuco's Taqueria - Columbus, Ohio

Photo by Cuco's Taqueria via Facebook


7. El Camino - Cincinnati, Ohio

El Camino - Cincinnati, Ohio

Photo by El Camino via Facebook


6. La Super Torta - Columbus, Ohio

La Super Torta

Photo by Niki V. via Yelp


5. Gomez Salsa - Cincinnati, Ohio

Gomez Salsa - Cincinnati, Ohio

4. OH Taco - Sandusky, Ohio

OH Taco

Photo by Oh Taco via Facebook


3. Bakersfield - Cincinnati, Ohio


Photo by Bakersfield via Facebook


2. La Plaza Supermarket - Cleveland, Ohio

La Plaza Supermarket

Photo by Sam L. via Yelp


1. Mazunte - Cincinnati, Ohio

Mezunte Cincinnati Tacos

Photo by Mazunte via Facebook


Did your local taco spot make our list? Send us your favorite Ohio taco places via the form below.

What is the name of your favorite local taco shop?
Where is this taco shop located in Ohio?

20 Enlightening Art Museums in Ohio

Rikki Teeters

Art enlightens us. It speaks to our souls. Artists communicate their culture, identity, thoughts and feelings through their creations. Often works of art mean different things to different people. That is what makes it so beautiful. We are lucky that Ohio has some of the world's best Art Museums! Here is our list of 20 Enlightening Art Museums in Ohio. 


20. Taft Museum of Art - Cincinnati, Ohio

Taft Museum of Art

19. Decorative Arts Center of Ohio - Lancaster, Ohio

Decorative Arts Center of Ohio

18. Massillon Museum - Massillon, Ohio

Massillon Museum

17. Springfield Museum of Art - Springfield, Ohio

Springfield Museum of Art

16. Miami University Art Museum - Oxford, Ohio

Miami University Art Museum

15. Wexner Center of the Arts - Columbus, Ohio

Wexner Center of the Arts

14. Zanesville Museum of Art - Zanesville, Ohio

Zanesville Museum of Art

13. Fitton Center For Creative Arts - Hamilton, Ohio

Fitton Center for Creative Arts

12. Allen Memorial Art Museum - Oberlin, Ohio

Allen Memorial Art Museum

11. Canton Museum of Art - Canton, Ohio

Canton Museum of Art

10. The Dayton Art Institute - Dayton, Ohio

The Dayton Art Institute

9. Columbus Museum of Art - Columbus, Ohio

The Columbus Museum of Art

8. The Butler Institute of American Art - Youngstown, Ohio

The Butler Institute of American Art

7. Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland - Cleveland, Ohio

The Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland

Photo by Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland via Facebook


6. 21c Museum Hotel - Cincinnati, Ohio


5. Cincinnati Art Museum - Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati Art Museum

4. Akron Art Museum - Akron, Ohio

Akron Art Museum

3. Cleveland Museum of Art - Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland Museum of Art

2. Contemporary Arts Center - Cincinnati, Ohio

Contemporary Arts Center

1. Toledo Museum of Art - Toledo, Ohio

Toledo Museum of Art

Did your favorite Ohio Art Museum make our list? Submit your local Art Museum via the form below.

What is your favorite local Art Museum?
What city is this museum located in?

20 Sizzling Pizza Places in Ohio

Rikki Teeters

We are always on the hunt for the perfect pizza. Luckily, Ohio has some of the best pizza shops in the world so we do not ever have to travel far. We asked our Instagram followers to tell us their favorite pizza places which helped us create our list. Get ready to take a pizza road trip around Ohio to try these 20 Sizzling Pizza Places in Ohio.

20. Mohio - Delaware, Ohio

Mohio - Delaware

19. Brimfield Bread Oven - Kent, Ohio

Brimfield Bread Oven

18. Dewey's Pizza - Cincinnati, Ohio

Dewey's Pizza

17. Wheat Penny - Dayton, Ohio

Wheat Penny

16. Two Cities Pizza - Mason, Ohio

Two Cities Pizza

15. 3 Palms Pizzeria - Hudson, Ohio

3 Palms Pizzeria.jpg

14. Park Street Pizza - Sugarcreek, Ohio

Park Street Pizza

13. Cocca's Pizza Boardman - Youngstown, Ohio

Cocca's Pizza

12. Goodfellas Pizzeria - Cincinnati, Ohio

Goodfellas Pizza

11. 5th Street Pub - Perrysburg, Ohio

5th Street Pub

10. Angelo's - Lakewood, Ohio

Angelo's Lakewood

9. Forno Kitchen + Bar

Forno Kitchen + Bar

8. Citizen Pie - Cleveland, Ohio


7. Paulie Gee's Short North - Columbus, Ohio

Paulie Gee's Short North

6. Mia Bella Restaurant - Cleveland, Ohio

Mia Bella Restaurant - Cleveland

5. Crust - Cleveland, Ohio

Crust Pizza Cleveland

4. Harlow’s - Lakewood, Ohio

Harlow’s Pizza - Lakewood

3. Old Scratch Pizza - Dayton, Ohio

Old Scratch Pizza

2. A Tavola Bar + Trattoria - Cincinnati, Ohio

A Tavola Bar + Trattoria

1. Harvest Pizzeria - Columbus & Cincinnati, Ohio

Harvest Pizzeria

Did your favorite local pizza shop make our list? Tell us your favorite Ohio pizza places via the form below.

What is your favorite local pizza shop?
Where is this pizza shop located in Ohio?

Featured Photo by Harlow's Pizza

25 Ohio Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

Rikki Teeters

We love following local bloggers on Instagram. These awesome Ohioans are always exploring cool spaces and delicious restaurants. No matter your style or taste, you can find an Ohio blogger to connect with. We compiled a list of 25 Ohio Bloggers to Follow on Instagram. These are some of the best bloggers in Ohio. Follow them and come along on their Ohio adventures!


25.  Hummusapien - @hummusapien - Columbus, Ohio


24. Cle Vegan - @cle_vegan - Cleveland, Ohio

Cle Vegan

23. The Samantha Show - @samantha_show_ - Cleveland, Ohio

The Samantha Show

22. My Life From Home - @mylifefromhome - Cincinnati, Ohio 

My Life From Home

21. Whole Living Lauren - @wholelivinglauren - Columbus, Ohio

Photo by  @laurynbyrdystudio  on Instagram

Photo by @laurynbyrdystudio on Instagram


20. My Versatile Style - @itsmemeach - Cleveland, Ohio

My Versatile Style

19. Eating Books - @eatingb00ks - Columbus, Ohio

Eating Books

18. Girl About Columbus - @girlaboutcolumbus - Columbus, Ohio

Girl About Columbus

17. Two Girls One Cbus - @twogirlsonecbus - Columbus, Ohio

Two Girls One Cbus

16. An Explorer's Heart - @anexplorersheart - Columbus, Ohio

An Explorer's Heart

15. DDOTTS - @ddotts_ - Cincinnati, Ohio


14. Kasual Life - @kasuallife - Columbus, Ohio

Kasual Life

13. Are You Kitchen Me - @areyoukitchenme - Columbus, Ohio 

Are You Kitchen Me

12. Columbus Foodie - @columbus_foodie - Columbus, Ohio

Columbus Foodie

11. Queen City Foodie - @queencityfoodie - Cincinnati, Ohio

Queen City Foodie

10. Merlot & Chat - @merlotandchat - Dayton, Ohio

Merlot and Chat

9. Eat Play Cbus - @eatplaycbus - Columbus, Ohio

Photo by @exact_moments_photography

Photo by @exact_moments_photography


8. That's What She Eats - @thatswhatsheeats - Cleveland, Ohio

That's What She Eats

7. Vino In The Village - @emilyvdw - Columbus, Ohio

Vino In The Village

6. Simply Taylor - @simplytaylorblog - Columbus, Ohio

Simply Taylor Blog

5. Foods of Jane - @foodsofjane - Cleveland, Ohio

Foods of Jane

4. Our City House - @ourcityhouse - Cincinnati, Ohio

Our City House

3. Breakfast With Nick - @breakfastwithnick - Columbus, Ohio

Breakfast With Nick

2. Out + Outfit - @outandoutfit - Cincinnati, Ohio

Out And Outfit

1. Natalie Was Here - @nataliefolchi - Columbus, Oho

Natalie Was Here

Did your favorite Ohio bloggers make our list? Tell us your favorites via the form below.

Blogger must live in Ohio.

Featured Photo by @nataliefolchi

10 Best Coffee Shops in Ohio

Rikki Teeters

Ohio has some of the best coffee shops in the world. Last year, we toured Ohio to visit our followers' favorite coffee spots. During our adventure, we found that Ohio has some amazing coffee shops! Here is our list of the 10 Best Coffee Shops in Ohio.

10. Fox in the Snow Cafe - Columbus, Ohio

Photo via Fox in the Snow on Facebook

Photo via Fox in the Snow on Facebook

9. Six Shooter Coffee - Cleveland, Ohio

Photo by Ohio Explored at Six Shooter Coffee

Photo by Ohio Explored at Six Shooter Coffee

8. Maddie & Bella Coffee Roasters - Perrysburg, Ohio

Photo by  Maddie & Bella  via Facebook

Photo by Maddie & Bella via Facebook

7. Sure House Coffee - Wooster, Ohio

Photo of @surehousecoffee by @graceejones

Photo of @surehousecoffee by @graceejones

6. The Roosevelt Coffeehouse - Columbus, Ohio

Photo via  The Roosevelt Coffeehouse  on Facebook

Photo via The Roosevelt Coffeehouse on Facebook

5. Paper City Coffee - Chillicothe, Ohio

Photo via  Paper City Coffee  on Facebook

Photo via Paper City Coffee on Facebook

4. Coffee Emporium - Cincinnati, Ohio

Photo by  Coffee Emporium  via Instagram

Photo by Coffee Emporium via Instagram

3. Urbana Cafe - Cincinnati, Ohio

Photo of Urbana Cafe by  Aaconn Photo

Photo of Urbana Cafe by Aaconn Photo

2. Rising Star Coffee Roasters Hingetown - Cleveland, Ohio

Photo of Rising Star Coffee Hingetown by  arbela_c  on Instagram

Photo of Rising Star Coffee Hingetown by arbela_c on Instagram

1. Rustbelt Coffee - Toledo, Ohio

Photo of Rustbelt Coffee by  @lylahrosewolff  on Instagram

Photo of Rustbelt Coffee by @lylahrosewolff on Instagram


Did your favorite coffeehouse make the cut? Tell us your favorite coffee shops in Ohio via the form below.

All coffee shops must be located within the state of Ohio.
What city is this coffee shop located in?

Hotel LeVeque Downtown Columbus Ohio

Rikki Teeters

Wow! This boutique hotel located in Downtown Columbus, Ohio just moved up to the top of our "Must Visit" list. Hotel LeVeque impressed us from the time we arrived. They literally dazzled us with their celestial theme which appered in details from the beautiful lobby check-in desk to the planetarium projected on the ceiling of our room. Their star-gazing theme represents the connection between LeVeque tower and the stars above. Our wedding theme was celestial so we definitely are partial to that theme.

Hotel LeVeque Columbus Ohio

After participating in the Made Local Marketplace all day, we were exhausted. We we very happy to find that our room was a relaxing getaway. Our bed was very comfortable. We ordered room service from KEEP, a french restaurant located in the lobby, and stayed in for the night. Everything that we needed was located within our hotel and for that we were very grateful.

Hotel LeVeque Room Columbus Ohio

We loved that Hotel LeVeque supplied locally made shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and soaps. Cliff Original makes grooming products for hair care, skin care and beard care. All of their products are made in Ohio! They are paraben-free, sulfate-free chemical-free and cruelty-free. And they smelled AMAZING!

Cliff Original Columbus Ohio

The stunning lobby at Hotel LeVeque called for us to explore. It included a Starbucks (which continued the celestial theme) and a delicious french restaurant & liquor bar called The Keep.


Every time we have driven through Columbus, we admired the beautiful LeVeque Tower. It's unique and beautiful shape draws the eye. Our dreams came true when we actually got to stay inside this historical Ohio building. According to their website, LeVeque Tower has been a beacon of hospitality in downtown Columbus since 1927 – it once even served as an aerial lighthouse for Amelia Earhart. That legacy lives on today in the Hotel LeVeque, a vibrant destination that suffuses the building’s original art deco architecture with glamorous celestial-inspired interior design. This lovely boutqiue hotel is truly on of Ohio's Hidden Gems.


Le Méridien Columbus The Joseph in The Short North

Rikki Teeters

We spent Labor Day weekend exploring The Short North. This bustling area in downtown Columbus has some of Ohio's best shops and restaurants. It is also home to many beautiful murals and art galleries, including Le Méridien Columbus, The Joseph, where the lobby and second floor showcase beautiful art merging a gallery with a hotel. The Short North is a walkable neighborhood that has something for everyone to see and do.

Short North Mural Columbus Ohio

When exploring a new area in Ohio, we like to stay overnight so we can get the full local experience. During our Short North trip we stayed at Le Méridien Columbus, The Joseph! This beautiful boutique hotel is located in the heart of The Short North. It is the perfect place to stay when exploring this area.

The Joseph Columbus
Columbus The Joseph Hotel Lobby Short North

We took advantage of the amazing food and drink options located right in the lobby of our hotel - SOUL and The Guild House. It was raining during most of our stay, so we loved that we had access to such great food and drink options without even leaving our hotel!

Soul at The Joseph
Cheese Plate - Soul at The Joseph
Cocktail - Soul at The Joseph

After dinner and drinks at Whiskey on High at SOUL on Friday night, we went exploring (we don't mind a little rain). We walked all the way up and down high street while taking in the sights. We shopped and people watched all evening long. And of course we ended the night with our favorite Ohio Made Ice Cream, Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams, which is just a couple blocks down from Le Méridien!

Jenis Ice Cream

Our room was a perfect place to relax after exploring. We had a lovely view of High Street which seemed to stretch all the way across Columbus. The hotel provided local travel guides and suggestions about more places to explore. The hotel staff were so kind and helpful during our stay. They made us feel right a home. We really enjoyed our short trip to the Short North and we cannot wait to go back!

Le Méridien Hotel Room Columbus
The Scout Guide Columbus
The Short North View Columbus Ohio

You can follow Le Méridien Columbus The Joseph on Instagram at @lmcolumbusthejoseph! Explore Ohio everyday ith us on Instagram at @OhioExplored!

100+ Best Pizza Places in Ohio

Rikki Teeters

Photo by  Harvest Pizzeria  in Columbus, Ohio

Photo by Harvest Pizzeria in Columbus, Ohio

We asked our Instagram followers about their favorite local pizza places! After reviewing over 600 submissions, we complied the top 100 into this handy list. Over the next few months we will be traveling Ohio to taste the Top 10 pizza places that received the most nominations. Without further adieu, here are your top 100+ Best Pizza Places in Ohio!


  • Luigi’s

  • Guiseppe's

  • Brick Oven Brew Pub

Photo by  @megankatch  at Jackie O's in Athens, Ohio

Photo by @megankatch at Jackie O's in Athens, Ohio


  • Avalanche

  • Jackie O’s



  • Wedgewood Pizza


Bay Village

  • Gina’s Pizza



  • Noce Gourmet Pizza



  • Beavercreek Pizza Drive

  • Pies & Pints


Photo by @nosher_and_the_city at Six Hundred in Bellefontaine, Ohio

Photo by @nosher_and_the_city at Six Hundred in Bellefontaine, Ohio


  • Six Hundred



  • Luke’s


Photo by  Wedgewood Pizza  in Boardman, Ohio

Photo by Wedgewood Pizza in Boardman, Ohio


  • Wedgewood

  • Cocca’s


Bowling Green

  • Myles Pizza Pub

  • Polleyeyes



  • Wally's Pizza


Photo by @ralphfajack at Inner Circle in Canfield, Ohio

Photo by @ralphfajack at Inner Circle in Canfield, Ohio


  • Inner Circle


Photo by  Kraus Pizza  in Canton, Ohio

Photo by Kraus Pizza in Canton, Ohio


  • Italo's

  • Kraus'

  • Pizza Oven

  • Napoli’s

  • Gionino’s



  • Crossroads



  • Colonial



Chagrin Falls

  • Master’s Pizza

  • Crumb & Spigot


Photo by  @thesamventures  at Fire and Stone Pizzeria in Chillicothe, Ohio

Photo by @thesamventures at Fire and Stone Pizzeria in Chillicothe, Ohio


  • Fire and Stone Pizzeria

  • Jerry’s Pizza


Photo by  @atavolapizza  in Cincinnati, Ohio

Photo by @atavolapizza in Cincinnati, Ohio


  • Five Buroughs Pizza

  • A Tavola

  • Moriah's Pie

  • Dewey’s

  • LaRosa’s

  • Taglio Pizza

  • Adriatico's

  • Godfather’s


Photo by @ohioexplored at Citizen Pie in Cleveland, Ohio

Photo by @ohioexplored at Citizen Pie in Cleveland, Ohio


  • Danny Boy’s

  • Sweet Basil

  • Angelo’s (Lakewood)

  • Bruno’s

  • Guido's

  • Romeos

  • Pizza 216

  • Pizza Oven

  • Blaze

  • Bam! Healthy Cuisine

  • Kraus

  • CHA

  • Humble Wine Bar

  • Gillespie's Map Room

  • Vero Pizza

  • Citizen Pie (Collinwood)

  • Vincenza

  • Geraci’s

  • Bar Cento

  • Dante Next Door

  • Tomori's (Lakewood)

  • Edison’s

  • Bono (Upper Arlington)

  • Beerhead Bar

  • Mama Santa's

  • Villa Nova


Photo by  Harvest Pizzeria  in Columbus, Ohio

Photo by Harvest Pizzeria in Columbus, Ohio


  • Yellow Brick Pizza

  • Bono Pizza

  • Gatto's

  • The Red Brick Tap & Grille

  • Goremade Pizza

  • Harvest Pizza

  • Tommy’s Pizza

  • Terita's Pizza

  • Hounddogs

  • Pizza 101

  • Pizza Primo

  • Mod Pizza

  • Paulie Gee’s (Short North)

  • Natalie's Coal Fired Pizza

  • Local Roots (Powell)

  • Mikey’s Late Night Slice

  • Joseppi's

  • Rubino’s Pizza (Bexely)

  • Rotolo's Pizza

  • Borgata Pizza

  • Adriatico’s

  • Curio

  • Bexley Pizza Plus


Cuyahoga Falls

  • Rocco’s

  • Tim’s Pizza


Photo by  @oldscratchpizza  in Dayton, Ohio

Photo by @oldscratchpizza in Dayton, Ohio


  • The Flying Pizza

  • Old Scratch Pizza

  • Marion’s

  • Wheat Penny

  • Figlio

  • Joe’s Pizzeria


Photo by  Mohio Pizza Co  in Delaware, Ohio

Photo by Mohio Pizza Co in Delaware, Ohio


  • Amato

  • Mohio

  • Gabby's Place Bar and Restaurant



  • The Dennison Yard


Photo by Bahler Street Pizza in Dover, Ohio

Photo by Bahler Street Pizza in Dover, Ohio


  • Bahler Street Pizza


Photo by  Depot Pizza and Tavern  in Fremont, Ohio

Photo by Depot Pizza and Tavern in Fremont, Ohio


  • Depot Pizza



  • Lorobi's Pizza



  • Giuseppe’s Pizza



  • Chester’s Pizza


Photo by  3 Palms Pizzeria  in Hudson, Ohio

Photo by 3 Palms Pizzeria in Hudson, Ohio


  • 3 Palms



  • Regina's


Photo by  Brimfield Bread Oven  in Kent, Ohio

Photo by Brimfield Bread Oven in Kent, Ohio


  • Brimfield Bread Oven



  • Michaelangelo’s




  • Sloopy’s Pizza



  • Mary’s Pizza



  • Fat Jack’s Pizza



  • J&R’s Pizza



  • Yala’s


Photo by  Pizza Roto  in Madison, Ohio

Photo by Pizza Roto in Madison, Ohio


  • Pizza Roto


Photo by  Simple Fire Wood Fire Oven  in Mansfield, Ohio

Photo by Simple Fire Wood Fire Oven in Mansfield, Ohio


  • Simple Fire Pizza

  • Gionino’s


Maria Stein

  • Korner Kafe


Photo by  The Original Pizza Place  in Marietta, Ohio

Photo by The Original Pizza Place in Marietta, Ohio


  • Smitty’s Pizza

  • The Original Pizza Place



  • Paynes



  • Benny’s

Photo by  Two Cities Pizza  Co. in Mason, Ohio

Photo by Two Cities Pizza Co. in Mason, Ohio


  • Two Cities

Photo by  5th Street Pub  in Perrysburg, Ohio

Photo by 5th Street Pub in Perrysburg, Ohio

Perrysburg (Toledo Area)

  • 5th Street Pub


Photo by  Pizza Cottage  in Pickerington, Ohio

Photo by Pizza Cottage in Pickerington, Ohio


  • Pizza Cottage



  • BoneyFiddle Pie Factory



  • Bob’s Pizza


Photo by Cameo Pizza in Sandusky, Ohio

Photo by Cameo Pizza in Sandusky, Ohio


  • Cameo Pizza

  • Pizza House


Photo by The Hickory Inn in Springfield, Ohio

Photo by The Hickory Inn in Springfield, Ohio


  • The Hickory Inn Pizza

  • Bada Bing

  • McMurray’s



  • Luca’s Pizza



  • Elmton


Photo by  Park Street Pizza  in Sugar Creek, Ohio

Photo by Park Street Pizza in Sugar Creek, Ohio

Sugar Creek

  • Park Street Pizza



  • J&G Pizza Palace


Photo by Pizza Cat in Toledo, Ohio

Photo by Pizza Cat in Toledo, Ohio


  • PizzaPapalis

  • Home Slice Pizza

  • Pizza Cat

  • Inky’s

  • Elbow Room


Tremont (Cleveland Area)

  • Edison’s

  • Next Door


Photo by Sunrise Pizza in Warren, Ohio

Photo by Sunrise Pizza in Warren, Ohio


  • Sunrise Pizza



  • Jukebox Pizza



  • Pizza Pub


Photo by The Village Cornerstone in West Salem, Ohio

Photo by The Village Cornerstone in West Salem, Ohio

West Salem

  • Village Cornerstone Restaurant



  • Pizza by Robert



  • Giannamores


Photo by Rox Gastropub in Wooster, Ohio

Photo by Rox Gastropub in Wooster, Ohio


  • Coccia House

  • Rox Gastropub



  • Villa Nova


Yellow Springs

  • Haha Pizza



  • Nicky’s Pizza

  • Cocca’s

  • Avalon

  • Wedgewood

  • Belleria Pizzeria

  • Uptown Pizza


Photo by Russo's Wood Fired Pizza in Zanesville, Ohio

Photo by Russo's Wood Fired Pizza in Zanesville, Ohio


  • Russo's Wood Fired Pizza

  • Italian Eatery


Did your favorite Ohio pizza place make our list? If not, let us know on Instagram!


Living the Nom Life in Ohio with @Nom_Life

Rikki Teeters

Our favorite Ohio Foodie Instagram is @Nom_Life! They know of the best places to find the most delicious food all over Ohio! Their Insta page features thousands of top notch Ohio noms. We were fortunate enough to interview Ewa & Jeromy about their Life of Noms!



Question 1: What are your favorite restaurnts in Ohio's biggest cities - Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati?


If we're in Cleveland, we're getting dim sum whether we want to or not (we always want to). It's a family tradition to gather at least 10 relatives and set up base at either Bo Loong, Li Wah or Emperor's Palace on a Sunday afternoon. When ordering off the rolling carts, be sure to get: ha gao (shrimp dumplings), sui mai (pork dumplings), sticky rice with meat filling, cheung fun (various meat fillings wrapped in rice noddle), dan ta (egg tart), and cha siu bao (BBQ pork bun). These are some recommendations, but really, you should give everything a try. The great part about dim sum is that it’s all small portions (like Chinese tapas). You'd also be remiss if you didn't order a dish of beef ho fun.



Columbus is an eclectic place for food with a lot of different options. A fun way to spend a weekend night with friends is at Gogi on Bethel Road. If you've ever had Korean BBQ, you know that this the experience is just as much about having fun as it is about the food. We recommend ordering one of their 3 meat combos (or more, depending on how big your group is). When they bring it out, you get to cook the food on a grill, which is built right into the table! You get a bunch of side dishes, called banchan, with each combo, so the variety is there. You can never go wrong with the steamed egg or spicy beef soup either. Next, you’ll want to order copious amounts of soju. Enough to take a group shot every 10 minutes.

After dinner, you should hit up The Voice Karaoke Bar (near OSU campus) to keep the good times rolling.


Our favorite spot in Cincy is Sotto , no question about it. This Italian restaurant is located right downtown and features one of our favorite dishes ever (more on that later). When you get inside, and go down into the basement for the dining room, you’ll find a very dim light atmosphere. You get the vibe that this is a classy joint. However, you’ll be pleasantly surprised as it is quite lively. The menu itself focuses on simple, rustic Italian fare. However, the spotlight dish is the truffle pasta. The perfect amount of truffle flavor drapes the pristine cooked pasta to create the ultimate umami flavor for your lucky mouth. This was better than some of the truffle dishes we had in Italy, no joke! We’re not sure if this dish is always on the menu, so you’ll want to check beforehand.

Image via

Image via

Question 2: What is your favorite type of cuisine and where is your favorite local place to eat it?

We both grew up with, and love all kinds of Asian food. For Ewa, Japanese food is a must. Tensuke Market is our favorite anytime spot in Columbus. This spot is a Japanese grocery store/restaurant hybrid. They offer tasty Japanese street meals such as udon, curry rice and yakitori. However, where they really shine is the sushi. They share a fish plug with Akai Hana (the neighboring Japanese restaurant which they also own). The fish is high-quality and affordable — 2 things that go really well together.

For Jeromy, his favorite hangover cure meal is Arirang , a Korean grocery store with a little restaurant in the back (sensing a trend yet?). You’ll get a bunch of banchan with your meal and you can do some grocery shopping after! What makes that even better? That their soups are only $6.99.

Must Try Item

At Tensuke -- Any of the sushi rolls, nigiri or sashimi. You can customize your order at the sushi window, or grab a pre-made pack to go. Another bomb dish is their tonkatsu curry over rice. At Arirang, their top dish is the Yuk Gae Jang (spicy beef and vegetable soup).

Question 3: What is your favorite dish & Where can we find it in Ohio?

You could sneak into Jeromy’s dad’s house and see if he’d make you his famous Chinese style spare ribs. But, if you’re not down for that, our next favorite dish is Shrimp Paste Ong Choy (xia jong ong choy). This is a very simple dish, but might not be for everyone -- The shrimp paste flavor can be overwhelming to some. It’s Ong Choy (a kind of Chinese vegetable), sauteed in shrimp paste and garlic. They serve it at most sit-down Chinese restaurants, even if you don’t see it on the menu. Just be sure to drink a bunch of tea and eat some mints after, because your breathe will be kickin’.

Question 4: How did you get the idea to start Nom_Life?

Our lives have always centered around food. Jeromy's family owned a restaurant and Ewa's father has worked in the food industry for over 25 years. We even met while working at Ho Wah Chinese restaurant in Cleveland (shout out!) Growing up, both of us knew how much blood, sweat and tears go into the restaurant business. But it’s all worth it because food is something that brings people together. Whether it's a first date, a family gathering or a group of old friends getting together -- the meal may be temporary, but the moment can become a favorite memory.

We originally started the Nom Life IG for fun. There wasn’t really a greater goal, other than to showcase the food that we love and to highlight places that we frequented. As our follower base grew, we started using the platform to encourage people to try new places or dishes that may be outside of their comfort zone. Hopefully, they create a great memory by visiting the spots that we feature!

What has been your favorite part of the Nom_Life journey?

Our favorite part of the Nom Life journey has definitely been the people. We’ve been lucky to meet so many talented chefs, bartenders and people in the food industry. These people help to shape the culinary scene in Columbus and in the other cities we visit. We can feel the passion and dedication these people put in their work, and we appreciate their drive.In addition, our followers have been our biggest inspiration. It’s really rewarding to have such an active following who we can engage with and share (or receive) restaurant and food recommendations. We love and appreciate everyone who follows us. It is incredibly exciting when someone posts a picture or tags us in a photo of a restaurant they tried because they saw it on our page.

Why do you enjoy exploring Ohio?

The best part of exploring Ohio are the surprises. When people picture Ohio, they imagine flat farmland as far as the eye can see. While it’s true that this covers most of the state, the hidden gems are what make the exploration worth it. Taking a trip to the newly renovated Edgewater Park in Cleveland (which you previously saw a fish die in the water at), you’re surprised by how beautiful of a little beach it is now. Or, walking through any of the state's’ Metro Parks, you’ll be surprised at how expansive the sprawling forests are. How about visiting The Wilds in Zanesville and being surprised that the largest wildlife conservation center in North America is right in our backyard? Seriously, you get to drive right up to the rhinos!

Follow @Nom_Life on Instagram to Explore Ohio's delicious noms with E&J!

Spring at Smith & Wollensky Columbus

Rikki Teeters

If you are looking for a beautiful place to enjoy a delicious meal, look no further than the newly renovated Smith & Wollensky in Columbus, Ohio! We recently enjoyed a lovely evening on the patio. The food, drinks, and service were all amazing!

Smith & Wollensky Columbus is located at 4145 The Strand W, in the heart of the upscale and bustling retail district, Easton Town Center, which hosts a wealth of luxury shopping and dining destinations outside of Columbus. The 10,000-square foot, 335-seat steakhouse has been a long-standing and popular steakhouse destination since its opening in 2002, serving the brand’s signature USDA Prime dry-aged steaks, premium seafood and award-winning wines to over 60,000 business guests, locals and travelers per year. 

Available now through June, Smith & Wollensky will feature specialty wine flights, priced at $25 each.