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Sprinly: Ohio's Locally Made Subscription Meal Service

Rikki Teeters

We have been big fans of subscription meal services since they came into existence. Often, we are too busy exploring Ohio, that we don't have time to go grocery shopping or cook healthy food. We have tried Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Purple Carrot, and Plated. All of which failed to meet our expectations. The food was either damaged or delivered late consistently. Once the food was delivered, we still had to spend at least 1 hour cooking. Plus, it was impossible to eat locally while subscribing to out of state food services like those mentioned above. So when we found Sprinly, we were thrilled!

Sprinly is an organic meal plan service based in Cleveland, Ohio. They create healthy meals and deliver them to their clients on a weekly basis.

Sprinly Ohio Meal Plan Service

Our first Sprinly order arrived in a beautiful box and we couldn't wait to open it. They keep the food fresh and cool by using environmentally friendly frozen packaging. We opened the box to find a week's worthy of healthy prepared meals ready to be stored and then devoured at will. We have to admit that having healthy meals readily available saved us so much time! As vegetarians, we also appreciated that all of the meals were plant based. After falling in love with Sprinly we asked the owners, Mary & Ray, to tell us more about their story!

Sprinly Ohio Based Meal Plan Service

Tell us more about Sprinly & your background.

Our focus is all around making healthy eating as convenient as possible, so we worked with nutritionists and a doctor focused on plant-based nutrition to ensure that our meals are honestly healthy and we partnered with FedEx to ship our meals via overnight service in a refrigerated box with a biodegradable insulating liner to make sure our clients receive them as fresh as possible. Even more, we use organic ingredients, no refined sugars, no artificial ingredients or preservatives, and all of our meals are gluten-free! Currently, we have two weekly plans available: 12 meals for $199 or 6 meals for $109. Many of our clients either bring our healthy meals to work or enjoy a healthy dinner with a significant other or family during their busy nights at home. An interesting tidbit is that the majority of our clients are actually not vegan - they're mostly individuals who understand the positive health impacts of eating more vegetables and want to incorporate more of that into their diet as they look to eat healthier. 

Sprinly Ohio Based Meal Plan Service

How did Sprinly come to be?

About three years ago, my girlfriend and I both decided to quit our finance and tech jobs in San Francisco, without a backup plan. Mary and I are both planners, so up to that point, we always knew our next step, but this time was different. We were going to take a trip and backpack around the world, with no end date and no itinerary. During our trip, we immersed ourselves in each country and found ourselves meditating with monks in Thailand, visiting rural villages in China, and sleeping under the stars in the Amazon rainforest. It was the most inspiring and enlightening adventure we’ve ever been on, and it was incredibly humbling. After our travels, we stopped in Cleveland, where I grew up, to visit my family and to figure out our next steps. We had initially planned on looking for new jobs in the startup world of Silicon Valley, but we were taught a memorable lesson from a monk in Japan during one of our meditation retreats. He was our age, and he opened his heart to us one night. He told us that he truthfully didn’t want to be a monk, but in order to honor his father and carry on his family tradition, he was obligated to live as a monk for the rest of his life. A monk forever. He kept reminding us that we were incredibly fortunate to have the freedom to pursue our passions. That stuck with us.

Japanese Carrot Ginger Salad with Tofu

Our whole lives, Mary and I have always been passionate about living a healthy lifestyle (exercising, eating right, meditating…etc.), and while we were in Cleveland, we faced one particular problem: we couldn’t get a meal that was both convenient and healthy. Without preparing meals for lunch every day or cooking every single night, this simply wasn’t possible. Even more, we were tired of all the "healthy" claims in stores and restaurants when we knew by looking at the ingredients that those meals were not honestly healthy. The word, "healthy," has evolved to become more of a marketing claim, and that bothered us.

We knew we couldn’t be the only ones having trouble getting a convenient, honestly nutritious meal. This, along with our desire to have a positive impact with our career, is what inspired Sprinly. This is why we decided to design each meal with nutrition in mind first and why we work with nutritionists and doctors. This is why our service is plant-based, because we know that if we want to have the biggest healthful impact possible in our country, it has to start with Americans eating more vegetables. This is why we decided to make Sprinly a delivery service, so we can reach more people and make healthy eating as convenient as possible. And this is why our long-term vision is to serve the entire country, because if traveling has taught us one thing, it’s that we’re all similar, no matter where we live, and Mary & I believe that location shouldn’t prevent anyone from having access to convenient, honestly nutritious meals. Our mission is to spread health and create happiness - we want to give people their time back and make it as easy as possible for others to live a healthier, happier life.

In line with our mission, with meals purchased, we donate to mission-driven non-profits who share similar values. From day 1, we made the decision to build a socially-aware business, and we believe that by working together, we can have a larger impact and create a healthier world. We are still just starting, but we've put our life savings into this, and we’re committed to creating something meaningful - something that will have a lasting positive impact on people's lives, and we believe that starts with one of our most priceless and underappreciated assets: our health. 

Sprinly Ohio Based Meal Plan Service
Chipotle Sweet Potato Hash with Vegan Chorizo Crumble and Balsamic Glaze.jpg

9 Ohio Made Halloween Treats You Can Find At Jungle Jim's

Rikki Teeters

Our favorite local supermarket does a great job of helping us prepare for each season. We can always count on Jungle Jim's to have the best foods for every holiday. This Halloween, we have committed to only giving out Ohio Made treats! We went to Jungle Jim's to find our Ohio Made treats. Here are 9 of our favorites!

9. Honey Filled Candy by Windy Acres

Jungle Jim's Halloween Treats

8. Candy Apples by Jungle Jim's

Jungle Jim's Halloween Candy

7. Pumpkin Cookies by Buskin

Busken Halloween Cookies Jungle Jim's

6. Gluten Free Pumpkin Pecan Crunch Cake by Tina's Sweet Treats

Tina's Sweet Treats Pumpkin Jungle Jim's

5. Juju Pumpkins by Backroad Country

Juju Pumpkins Jungle Jim's

4. Creepy Bacon Chocolate Piggy Pops by Ruby's Squeal Appeal

Creepy Pig Bacon Chocolate Jungle Jim's

3. Dum Dums by Spangler Candy Company

Dum Dums Made in Ohio

2. Boo Cake by Jungle Jim's Bakery

Boo Cake Jungle Jim's

1. Brain Cake by Jungle Jim's Bakery

Brain Cake Jungle Jim's

Make sure to visit Jungle Jim's International Market this Halloween to stock up on Ohio Made treats!

Jungle Jim's Halloween

7 Amazing Ohio Made Sauces + Weekend of Fire

Rikki Teeters

We are fans of sauces at Ohio Explored, especially when those sauces are made in Ohio! Our favorite local grocery store has a whole section dedicated to sauces including many of those that are locally made. Here is our list of 8 Ohio Made Sauces. All of these sauces & makers will be featured at Jungle Jim's Weekend of Fire on October 7th & 8th!

1. Sugar & Spice Gourmet Salsa - Made in Waynesville, Ohio

Sugar and Spice Salsa Jungle Jims

2. Chili Rocks Hot Sauce - Made in Cincinnati, Ohio

Chili Rocks Cincinnati Ohio Jungle Jims

3. CaJohns Fiery Foods Co. - Made in Westerville, Ohio

CaJohns Firey Foods Jungle Jims

4. Campana's Hot Sauce - Made in Lorain, Ohio

Campanas Hot Sauce Jungle Jims

5. Angry Irishman Chipotle Mustard Sauce - Made in Bowling Green, Ohio


6. Spicy Chub Rub - Made in Beavercreek, Ohio


7. Black Swamp Gourmet Barbeque Sauce - Made in Toledo, Ohio

Black Swamp

Jungle Jim's has aisles full of amazing sauces. They even have a section dedicated to Ohio Made sauces. From spicy (like very very spicy) to sweet, you can find all the sauces of your wildest dreams here.

Jungle Jims Sauces
Ohio Proud Jungle Jim's Sauces

Taste all of these amazing Ohio Made sauces and many more this weekend at Jungle Jim's Weekend of Fire!

Pizza 101 With Tablespoon Cooking Co.

Rikki Teeters

Eating Local is such an important part of Living Local in Ohio! When you eat local you are supporting local community members and small businesses. Eating Local also allows you to know exactly what goes in your food. Though there are many great restaurants in Ohio, sometimes the best locally made meals can be made in your home kitchen. At Ohio Explored, we have been making an effort to buy all of our food ingredients from local shops and farms.


Pizza is one of our favorite local meals. However, we have never been able to master the art of Pizza Making at home. That is until we found Tablespoon Cooking Co. We recently took their Pizza Making class at Findlay Kitchen in Over-the-Rhine. Owner Jordan Hamons and her team taught us how to make pizza dough, sauce, and toppings from locally sourced Ohio Made ingredients!

Findlay Kitchen

Tablespoon Cooking Co. even provides complimentary local craft beers and wines during the class. It makes for a perfect date night or evening out.


After our class we ate homemade pizza for the next couple of days and it was delicious each time. It is amazing how simple pizza is to make with local ingredients. We will never buy canned sauce or pre-packaged dough again. We really enjoyed our class with Tablespoon Cooking Co. and we will be signing up for another one very soon!

Healthy Homemade Açaí Superfood Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Rikki Teeters

Smoothie Bowls are all the rage in 2017. For good reason too, since they can be extremely healthy and delicious. You might have seen Instagram posts of beautiful bright smoothie bowls made by local Juiceries. Did you know that you can make your own healthy smoothie bowls at home? There are endless possibilities for DIY healthy smoothie bowls. Our very favorite type of bowls are Açaí (ah-sigh-EE) because of their taste and health benefits.

As always at Ohio Explored we strive to support local with all of our daily purchases. To create our Homemade Açaí Superfood Smoothie Bowls, we make sure to buy all of our ingredients from local markets. Jungle Jim's International Market is an amazing Ohio-owned market in Cincinnati where we can easily find all of our ingredients. They offer a lot of Ohio Made Ingredients as well as healthy exotic foods like Açaí puree which can be difficult or impossible to find a basic super markets.


Açaí berries are widely known as a superfood because they are helpful for a variety of health issues, including arthritis, weight loss, high cholesterol, skin appearance, detoxification and general health. The Açaí berry is a fruit harvested from Açaí trees, which are native to the rain forests of South America. Açaí berries contain antioxidants, fiber and heart-healthy fats.

Healthy Homemade Açaí Superfood Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Note: You can buy fresh or frozen fruit for this recipe depending on your preference of smoothie texture. For thicker texture, use frozen fruits. For more liquefied texture (our favorite) use fresh fruits + frozen Açaí puree). Always use fresh fruits for toppings.

To make this delicious smoothie bowl, you will need to buy the following ingredients.

Ingredients for the Smoothie Bowl:

  • 2 Packets Unsweetened Açaí Puree (The Sambazon packs at Jungle Jim's come with 4 Packets)
  • 1/4 Cup Blueberries
  • 1/4 Cup Sliced Strawberries
  • 1/2 Sliced Banana
  • 1/4 Cup Coconut Water

Healthy Toppings:

  • 1/4 Cup Blueberries
  • 1/4 Cup Sliced Strawberries
  • 1/2 Sliced Banana
  • 1/4 Cup Shredded or Sliced Coconut
  • 1 Tablespoon Goji Berries
  • 1/4 Cup Ohio Made Granola
  • Drizzle of Ohio Made Honey


  1. Wash and dry fresh fruits.
  2. Remove Açaí puree from freezer. Run under water for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  3. Break up the puree with your hands while it is still in the packets before opening.
  4. Use clean scissors to cut open the Açaí puree packets and empty them into a blender (we use a NutriBullet blender).
  5. Add all ingredients for smoothie bow into blender.
  6. Blend long enough to dissolve all ingredients. Be careful not to blend too long or it will become pure liquid.
  7. Add Healthy Toppings & Enjoy.

Cheese 101 at The Rhined

Rikki Teeters

We love cheese! When we found out about the new cheese shop opening in the Over-The-Rhine neighborhood of Cincinnati, we were thrilled! The Rhined is an artisanal Cheese shop that carries Ohio Made cheese as well as many other high quality American cheeses. We recently took the Cheese 101 course offered by The Rhined!

We joined 14 other cheese lovers for a night of cheese tastings at The Rhined. Owner, Stephanie Webster, took us on a tour of 7 cheeses from all over the US. Our favorite cheese was a local cheese made in Kentucky called Kentucky Rose! Yum!

The Rhined uses handmade pottery as their dishes. Do you recognize this beautiful local pottery? It was made by our June 2017 Ohio Maker of The Month RHEINOceramics!


20 Ohio Made Products You Can Find At Jungle Jim's International Market

Rikki Teeters

Jungle Jim's International Markets are known for their amazing selection of foods from around the world. But did you know that they also have an enormous local selection of Ohio Made Products? That is no surprise to those who know the Jungle Jim's story because the founder of Jungle Jim's is an Ohioan! People come from all over the world to visit this amazing Ohio Market. We are lucky enough to call Jungle Jim's our weekly grocery store. At Ohio Explored, we make an effort to make all of our purchases from locally owned companies. Jungle Jim's makes it easy for us by offering so many awesome Ohio Made products and by being Ohio-owned. Shopping at Jungle Jim's is a win/win for Ohioans wanting to support local.

Here is our list of 20 Ohio Made Products You Can Find At Jungle Jim's! These are some of our favorites but there are many more Ohio Made brands & products to try at Jungle Jim's. There are thousands of Ohio Made items throughout the store. Let us know your favorites on Instagram!

20. Granola - The Toasted Oat Bakehouse - Made in Columbus, Ohio

19. Chips - OH! Chips - Made in Columbus, Ohio

18. Salsa - A Bit Of A Bite Salsa - Made in Miamisburg, Ohio

17. Spices - Aimee's Blue Ribbon Spices - Made in Granville, Ohio

16. Pasta Sauce - The Organic Farm At Bear Creek - Made in Felicity, Ohio

15. Herbal Tea - The Herbal Sage - Made in Pomeroy, Ohio

14. Free Range Eggs - The Dale Filbrun Family - Made in West Alexandria, Ohio

13. Milk - Hartzler Family Dairy - Made in Wooster, Ohio

12. Kombucha - Fab Ferments - Made in Cincinnati, Ohio

11. Kimchee - The Pickled Pig - Made in Cincinnati, Ohio

10. Gluten Free Treats - Tina's Sweet Treats - Made in Franklin, Ohio

9. Pure Honey - Don Popp's Honey Farm - Made in Hamilton, Ohio

8. Pure Maple Syrup - Bissell Maple Farm - Made in Rock Creek, Ohio

7. Fresh Bread - Blue Oven Bakery - Made in Cincinnati, Ohio


6. Craft Beer - Rhinegeist - Made in Cincinnati, Ohio


5. Ice Cream - Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams - Made in Columbus, Ohio

4. Wine - Meranda-Nixon Winery - Made in Ripley, Ohio

3. Cheese - Heini's - Made in Millersburg, Ohio

2. Butter - Troyer - Made in Millersburg, Ohio

1. Produce - Grown by many local farms in Ohio (some within miles from Jungle Jim's)


These products were found at Jungle Jim's Eastgate location. Most products can be found at both the Eastgate and Fairfield locations.

Studio Tour With Ohio Artist Ellebrux

Rikki Teeters

We were fortunate to get a behind the scenes look at the studio of local artist Ellebrux. Owner, Laura Brooks, was kind enough to allow us to hang out in her Northside Cincinnati studio yesterday afternoon. We are so impressed by this woman's talent. She hand makes everything from jewelry to art and gifts. Make sure to check out our interview with Laura from Ellebrux to learn more about her business and background. Meet Ellbrux on December 3rd at our Ohio Explored Holiday Maker Mart!


Follow @ellebrux on Instagram!

100+ Best Pizza Places in Ohio

Rikki Teeters

Photo by  Harvest Pizzeria  in Columbus, Ohio

Photo by Harvest Pizzeria in Columbus, Ohio

We asked our Instagram followers about their favorite local pizza places! After reviewing over 600 submissions, we complied the top 100 into this handy list. Over the next few months we will be traveling Ohio to taste the Top 10 pizza places that received the most nominations. Without further adieu, here are your top 100+ Best Pizza Places in Ohio!


  • Luigi’s

  • Guiseppe's

  • Brick Oven Brew Pub

Photo by  @megankatch  at Jackie O's in Athens, Ohio

Photo by @megankatch at Jackie O's in Athens, Ohio


  • Avalanche

  • Jackie O’s



  • Wedgewood Pizza


Bay Village

  • Gina’s Pizza



  • Noce Gourmet Pizza



  • Beavercreek Pizza Drive

  • Pies & Pints


Photo by @nosher_and_the_city at Six Hundred in Bellefontaine, Ohio

Photo by @nosher_and_the_city at Six Hundred in Bellefontaine, Ohio


  • Six Hundred



  • Luke’s


Photo by  Wedgewood Pizza  in Boardman, Ohio

Photo by Wedgewood Pizza in Boardman, Ohio


  • Wedgewood

  • Cocca’s


Bowling Green

  • Myles Pizza Pub

  • Polleyeyes



  • Wally's Pizza


Photo by @ralphfajack at Inner Circle in Canfield, Ohio

Photo by @ralphfajack at Inner Circle in Canfield, Ohio


  • Inner Circle


Photo by  Kraus Pizza  in Canton, Ohio

Photo by Kraus Pizza in Canton, Ohio


  • Italo's

  • Kraus'

  • Pizza Oven

  • Napoli’s

  • Gionino’s



  • Crossroads



  • Colonial



Chagrin Falls

  • Master’s Pizza

  • Crumb & Spigot


Photo by  @thesamventures  at Fire and Stone Pizzeria in Chillicothe, Ohio

Photo by @thesamventures at Fire and Stone Pizzeria in Chillicothe, Ohio


  • Fire and Stone Pizzeria

  • Jerry’s Pizza


Photo by  @atavolapizza  in Cincinnati, Ohio

Photo by @atavolapizza in Cincinnati, Ohio


  • Five Buroughs Pizza

  • A Tavola

  • Moriah's Pie

  • Dewey’s

  • LaRosa’s

  • Taglio Pizza

  • Adriatico's

  • Godfather’s


Photo by @ohioexplored at Citizen Pie in Cleveland, Ohio

Photo by @ohioexplored at Citizen Pie in Cleveland, Ohio


  • Danny Boy’s

  • Sweet Basil

  • Angelo’s (Lakewood)

  • Bruno’s

  • Guido's

  • Romeos

  • Pizza 216

  • Pizza Oven

  • Blaze

  • Bam! Healthy Cuisine

  • Kraus

  • CHA

  • Humble Wine Bar

  • Gillespie's Map Room

  • Vero Pizza

  • Citizen Pie (Collinwood)

  • Vincenza

  • Geraci’s

  • Bar Cento

  • Dante Next Door

  • Tomori's (Lakewood)

  • Edison’s

  • Bono (Upper Arlington)

  • Beerhead Bar

  • Mama Santa's

  • Villa Nova


Photo by  Harvest Pizzeria  in Columbus, Ohio

Photo by Harvest Pizzeria in Columbus, Ohio


  • Yellow Brick Pizza

  • Bono Pizza

  • Gatto's

  • The Red Brick Tap & Grille

  • Goremade Pizza

  • Harvest Pizza

  • Tommy’s Pizza

  • Terita's Pizza

  • Hounddogs

  • Pizza 101

  • Pizza Primo

  • Mod Pizza

  • Paulie Gee’s (Short North)

  • Natalie's Coal Fired Pizza

  • Local Roots (Powell)

  • Mikey’s Late Night Slice

  • Joseppi's

  • Rubino’s Pizza (Bexely)

  • Rotolo's Pizza

  • Borgata Pizza

  • Adriatico’s

  • Curio

  • Bexley Pizza Plus


Cuyahoga Falls

  • Rocco’s

  • Tim’s Pizza


Photo by  @oldscratchpizza  in Dayton, Ohio

Photo by @oldscratchpizza in Dayton, Ohio


  • The Flying Pizza

  • Old Scratch Pizza

  • Marion’s

  • Wheat Penny

  • Figlio

  • Joe’s Pizzeria


Photo by  Mohio Pizza Co  in Delaware, Ohio

Photo by Mohio Pizza Co in Delaware, Ohio


  • Amato

  • Mohio

  • Gabby's Place Bar and Restaurant



  • The Dennison Yard


Photo by Bahler Street Pizza in Dover, Ohio

Photo by Bahler Street Pizza in Dover, Ohio


  • Bahler Street Pizza


Photo by  Depot Pizza and Tavern  in Fremont, Ohio

Photo by Depot Pizza and Tavern in Fremont, Ohio


  • Depot Pizza



  • Lorobi's Pizza



  • Giuseppe’s Pizza



  • Chester’s Pizza


Photo by  3 Palms Pizzeria  in Hudson, Ohio

Photo by 3 Palms Pizzeria in Hudson, Ohio


  • 3 Palms



  • Regina's


Photo by  Brimfield Bread Oven  in Kent, Ohio

Photo by Brimfield Bread Oven in Kent, Ohio


  • Brimfield Bread Oven



  • Michaelangelo’s




  • Sloopy’s Pizza



  • Mary’s Pizza



  • Fat Jack’s Pizza



  • J&R’s Pizza



  • Yala’s


Photo by  Pizza Roto  in Madison, Ohio

Photo by Pizza Roto in Madison, Ohio


  • Pizza Roto


Photo by  Simple Fire Wood Fire Oven  in Mansfield, Ohio

Photo by Simple Fire Wood Fire Oven in Mansfield, Ohio


  • Simple Fire Pizza

  • Gionino’s


Maria Stein

  • Korner Kafe


Photo by  The Original Pizza Place  in Marietta, Ohio

Photo by The Original Pizza Place in Marietta, Ohio


  • Smitty’s Pizza

  • The Original Pizza Place



  • Paynes



  • Benny’s

Photo by  Two Cities Pizza  Co. in Mason, Ohio

Photo by Two Cities Pizza Co. in Mason, Ohio


  • Two Cities

Photo by  5th Street Pub  in Perrysburg, Ohio

Photo by 5th Street Pub in Perrysburg, Ohio

Perrysburg (Toledo Area)

  • 5th Street Pub


Photo by  Pizza Cottage  in Pickerington, Ohio

Photo by Pizza Cottage in Pickerington, Ohio


  • Pizza Cottage



  • BoneyFiddle Pie Factory



  • Bob’s Pizza


Photo by Cameo Pizza in Sandusky, Ohio

Photo by Cameo Pizza in Sandusky, Ohio


  • Cameo Pizza

  • Pizza House


Photo by The Hickory Inn in Springfield, Ohio

Photo by The Hickory Inn in Springfield, Ohio


  • The Hickory Inn Pizza

  • Bada Bing

  • McMurray’s



  • Luca’s Pizza



  • Elmton


Photo by  Park Street Pizza  in Sugar Creek, Ohio

Photo by Park Street Pizza in Sugar Creek, Ohio

Sugar Creek

  • Park Street Pizza



  • J&G Pizza Palace


Photo by Pizza Cat in Toledo, Ohio

Photo by Pizza Cat in Toledo, Ohio


  • PizzaPapalis

  • Home Slice Pizza

  • Pizza Cat

  • Inky’s

  • Elbow Room


Tremont (Cleveland Area)

  • Edison’s

  • Next Door


Photo by Sunrise Pizza in Warren, Ohio

Photo by Sunrise Pizza in Warren, Ohio


  • Sunrise Pizza



  • Jukebox Pizza



  • Pizza Pub


Photo by The Village Cornerstone in West Salem, Ohio

Photo by The Village Cornerstone in West Salem, Ohio

West Salem

  • Village Cornerstone Restaurant



  • Pizza by Robert



  • Giannamores


Photo by Rox Gastropub in Wooster, Ohio

Photo by Rox Gastropub in Wooster, Ohio


  • Coccia House

  • Rox Gastropub



  • Villa Nova


Yellow Springs

  • Haha Pizza



  • Nicky’s Pizza

  • Cocca’s

  • Avalon

  • Wedgewood

  • Belleria Pizzeria

  • Uptown Pizza


Photo by Russo's Wood Fired Pizza in Zanesville, Ohio

Photo by Russo's Wood Fired Pizza in Zanesville, Ohio


  • Russo's Wood Fired Pizza

  • Italian Eatery


Did your favorite Ohio pizza place make our list? If not, let us know on Instagram!


Candle Making at Manitou Candle Co.

Rikki Teeters

Today we ventured along the Ohio River in Cincinnati to find the cutest little candle shop, Manitou Candle Co.! We had a wonderful time making our own candles during their Weekend Candle Making Workshop! Mantiou is a unique Ohio-based shop that sells their own small batch handmade candles along with beautiful jewelry, accessories and locally made art work.

Our workshop instructor, Alli, explained that at Manitou the candles are labeled by number instead of by name. This allows people to select new scents that they are drawn to instead of scents that they typically select. Manitou has 100 different scents and we got to smell them all! During our class we learned how to make our own Natural Soy Candles! It was a delightful experience and we definitely recommend it!


150+ Women-led Businesses in Ohio

Rikki Teeters


Stacey A Kent. Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine - Columbus, OH


Gray Haus Studios - Bay Village, OH

Trina Ross - Pickerington, OH

Little Mugshots - Columbus, OH

Artique Gallery - Middletown, OH


Alternative Auto Care - Columbus, OH


State of Face Makeup Artistry - Columbus, OH

BCS Beauty Distributor - Hilliard, OH

Lucky 13 Salon - Clintonville, OH

Behavioral Support

Unified Solutions Behavioral Support, LLC - Cuyahoga Falls, OH


Girl About Columbus - Columbus, OH

The Eco-Friendly Family - Cincinnati, OH


Enhancements To Your Workplace, Inc. - Middletown, OH 

Improv Edge - Powell, OH

Cleaning Service (Eco-Friendly)

Green Sweep - Hudson, OH


Girls on the Run Greater Cincinnati - Cincinnati, OH

Way Finding Women - Cincinnati, OH

The Campfire Experience - Columbus, OH

Handmade Toledo - Toledo, OH

Gild Collective - Cincinnati, OH

Girl Develop It - Cincinnati, OH

Kingswell - Middletown, OH

Custom Window Treatments

JMittman Designs - Columbus, OH


Ward Company Designs - Cincinnati, OH


Focus Tutoring and Educational Services - Columbus, OH

Renegade Learning LLC - Cincinnati, OH

Employment Services

Acloche Professional Staffing - Columbus, OH

Event Venue

The Windamere - Middletown, OH


Meadow Rise Farm - Bellville, OH

Fashion / Jewelry

Tatum Bradley & Co. - Warren, OH

Finola Jewelry - Cincinnati, OH -

Origami Owl-Carla New, Independent Designer - Columbus, OH

Spoilers Diffuser Jewelry - Beverly, OH

Film & Video Production

Little Sprig Productions - Cincinnati, OH


Brickhouse Cardio Club - Gahanna, OH

Floral / Weddings

Passiflora Studio - Marietta, OH

Dew Drop Flower Shoppe - Seville, OH

Sheri Strebelow Floral Design - Medina, OH

Food, Drinks and Sweets

Straight Shot Coffee - Middletown, OH

The Joyful Table - Mansfield, OH

Sweet Mary's Bakery, Ltd - Akron, OH

Ridiculously Good Salsa - Columbus, OH

Al's Delicious Popcorn - Columbus, OH

Mockingbird's Cafe - Middletownd, OH

Triple Moon Coffee Company - Middletown, OH

The Original Sub Shop & Deli - Toledo, OH

Sugar Bomb Confections - Cleveland, OH

Kelsey Elizabeth Cakes - Avon Lake, OH

Floured Apron - Aurora, OH

Sugar Lumps Cake Supply - Circleville, OH

Pink Peppercorn Catering - Elyria, OH

Bexley Coffee Shop - Bexley, OH

College Hill Coffee Company - Cincinnati, OH

Sitwell's Coffee House - Cincinnati, OH

Donnas Gourmet Cookies - Cincinnati, OH

Polka Dot Cupcakery - Columbus, OH

SweetPanda - Grove City, OH

Challah Food Truck - Columbus, OH

Ice Cream Joy - Lakewood, OH

Street Pops - Cincinnati, OH

Caribbean Jerks Island Bar & Grill - Lewis Center, OH

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams - Columbus, OH

West Central Wine - Middletown, OH


Urban Digs Design & Garden, LLC - Columbus, OH

Graphic Design

Pixel Salon - Cleveland, OH

Greeting Cards

Erica DiPaolo Designs - Columbus, OH


Multimedia in Healthcare - Cincinnati, OH

The Better You Clinic & SpaCincinnati, OH

Endocrinology Associates, Inc - Columbus, OH

American Institute of Alternative Medicine - Columbus, OH

Michele R Krohn-Harper DC CCN Inc - Dublin, OH


Hochscheid & Associates, LLC - Cincinnati, OH

Raenell Nagel, Nagel Law LLC - Columbus, OH

Nancy L. Holland, Attorney at Law - Akron, OH

Attorney Carol MB Conlan - Columbus, OH

Lisa M. Tome Attorney at Law - Columbus, OH

Letterpress / Book Binding

Igloo Letterpress - Worthington, OH

Life Coaching

Fearless Family Life Coaching - Middletown, OH


Green Child Magazine - Cincinnati, OH

Clutch MOV - Marietta, OH

Maker Space for Food & Drink

The Commissary - Columbus, OH

Marketing / Branding

Encompass Media Group - Columbus, OH

B Markowitz Communications - Columbus, OH

Little Birdie Branding - Granville, OH

TENFOLD - Columbus, OH

Marketing / Web Development

Verve Creative - Columbus, OH

Gifted Communications - Columbus, OH


Essentially Balanced, LLC - Bexley, OH

Embody: Therapeutic Massage & Yoga, LLC - Columbus, OH

Mediation Services

Partners in Mediation, Inc. - Cincinnati, OH


Guitar Lessons by Debbie De Steno - Bowling Green, OH

Parties / Event Decor

Surprise Modern Party + Cocktail Goods - Columbus, OH

Pet Care

Fur Star Pet Care - Columbus, OH

Happy Paws Home Care - Cincinnati, OH

Just Like Home Dog Sitting - Columbus, OH

Jan's Pet Care - Grove City, OH

SitCinnati Pet Care - Cincinnati, OH

Photo Organization

Pixelwinx - Columbus, OH


The New Studio / You See Photography, Inc. - Loveland, OH

Little Adventure Columbus - Columbus, OH

Amy Ann Photography - Columbus, OH

Lala Lu - Columbus, OH

Jennifer Elizabeth Photography - Cleveland, OH

Jessican Love Photography - Columbus, OH

Cemoment Photography - Columbus, OH

Christina Paolucci Photography - Columbus, OH

Erica Kay Photography - Columbus, OH

ArtHeart + Soul - Columbus, OH

L.A.R Weddings - Youngstown, OH

Shutter Girls Photography LLC - Middletown, OH

Podcast Series / Production Co

Dayton Writers Movement / Unwritten Podcast - Dayton, OH

Real Estate

Torchlight Pass - Middletown, OH

Core Ohio Realty - Columbus, OH

Kathy & Karen (K2 Team) Real Estate - Cincinnati, OH

Preferred Properties Real Estate ServicesGrove City,

Restaurant / Food Industry

Chef-Consultant Two-Top Consulting - Columbus, OH


SoulCraft: A Fair Trade Store - Middletown, OH

Centerville Knit & Crochet - Centerville, OH

Miss Selby's Soap - Beavercreek, OH

AromaSoy Candles - Brunswick, OH

Society - Middletown, OH

EHAH - Columbus, OH

Wit & Whimzy - Marietta, OH

Silver Linings - Marietta, OH

Twisted Sisters - Marietta, OH

Lucca Laser Workshop - Cincinnati, OH

Totem Supply Co - Chillicothe, OH

Natterdoodle - Columbus, OH

Lovely Grain Studio - Columbus, OH

Explorer Chick - Cincinnati, OH

The Direction - Columbus, OH

Daisy Mae Designs - Columbus, OH

The Boutique Truck - Columbus, OH

Wholly Craft - Columbus, OH

Red Giraffe Designs - Columbus, OH

Tautum Bradley Co. - Warren, OH

Boozy Bakes - Columbus, OH

ONE SIX FIVE - Jewelry Columbus, OH

lGeo Supply Co. - Columbus, OH

Juniper Claire Designs - Miamisburg, OH

Goddess Blessed - Lakewood, OH

Pebby For Evee - Columbus, OH

Linda's Other Life - Cleveland, OH

Girl's Best Trend - Lakewood, OH

Planthropy - Columbus, OH

Olive Tree-  Columbus, OH

Hank Yarn - Cincinnati, OH

Swan Maiden Soap - Cincinnati, OH

Dancing Bee Farms - Gambier, OH

Teri Ann's - Marietta, OH

Ohio Explored - Cincinnati, OH

Blessed Be Spiritual Shop - Grove City, OH

Haus of Heathers - Columbus, OH

Swan Maiden Soap, LLC - Cincinnati, OH

1214 Central Store - Middletown, OH

Household Words, LLC - New Philadelphia, OH

Senior Moving Services

A Moving Experience LLC - Columbus, OH


Bella Capelli Salone & Day Spa - Hilliard, OH


Tehku Tea - Dublin, OH

Technology / Big Data

Super-h, LLC - Cincinnati, OH


The Nest Theatre - Columbus, OH


The Manini Experience - Columbus, OH

Vision Care / Retail

Vision One Optical - Upper Arlington, OH

The Lens Butler - Northwest, OH

Web Development/Non-profit Consulting

Noe Ideas - Cincinnati, OH

Wedding / Event Planning

Emilie Duncan Event Planning - Powell, OH

Yoga Studio

Haven - Middletown, OH

Grace Tree Yoga & Growth Studio - Cincinnati, OH

Blue Hen Yoga - Akron, OH

Ubuntu Wellness, LLC - Chardon, OH