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9 Ohio Made Halloween Treats You Can Find At Jungle Jim's


9 Ohio Made Halloween Treats You Can Find At Jungle Jim's

Rikki Teeters

Our favorite local supermarket does a great job of helping us prepare for each season. We can always count on Jungle Jim's to have the best foods for every holiday. This Halloween, we have committed to only giving out Ohio Made treats! We went to Jungle Jim's to find our Ohio Made treats. Here are 9 of our favorites!

9. Honey Filled Candy by Windy Acres

Jungle Jim's Halloween Treats

8. Candy Apples by Jungle Jim's

Jungle Jim's Halloween Candy

7. Pumpkin Cookies by Buskin

Busken Halloween Cookies Jungle Jim's

6. Gluten Free Pumpkin Pecan Crunch Cake by Tina's Sweet Treats

Tina's Sweet Treats Pumpkin Jungle Jim's

5. Juju Pumpkins by Backroad Country

Juju Pumpkins Jungle Jim's

4. Creepy Bacon Chocolate Piggy Pops by Ruby's Squeal Appeal

Creepy Pig Bacon Chocolate Jungle Jim's

3. Dum Dums by Spangler Candy Company

Dum Dums Made in Ohio

2. Boo Cake by Jungle Jim's Bakery

Boo Cake Jungle Jim's

1. Brain Cake by Jungle Jim's Bakery

Brain Cake Jungle Jim's

Make sure to visit Jungle Jim's International Market this Halloween to stock up on Ohio Made treats!

Jungle Jim's Halloween