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Made in Ohio. Ohio goods, t-shirts, prints, accessories, jewelry, home goods and photography. Our line of artisan Ohio products celebrates the natural beauty of Ohio with every piece. All of our products are handmade and hand-selected. Our collection showcases the most talented craftsmen and makers from all over the state of Ohio.

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Ohio Sunflowers at Cottell Park

Rikki Teeters

If you know us, you know that we love Sunflowers! Each year we adventure around Ohio to find these sunbathing beauties. Mid-summer through early fall is peak season for blooming Sunflowers. When we received word that some of the first Ohio Sunflowers were blooming at Cottell Park in Mason, Ohio, we quickly ventured out to find the seasonal flowers. The field was already filled with people when we arrived. We loved seeing so many people filled with delight from flowers.

Inn at Honey Run: A Hidden Gem in Ohio

Rikki Teeters

We spent this weekend exploring The Inn at Honey Run. This magical Inn is one of Ohio's best hidden gems. The Inn at Honey Run is a boutique resort located in the heart of Amish Country. We spent this weekend enjoying the peace and serenity of this lovely hideaway. Surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes, the Inn features also hiking trails and an open art museum.

Guests can stay in amazing underground "Honeycombs", luxury cottages, or in the beautiful rooms and suites within the Inn. Each room is unique which makes this Ohio resort even more special. Rooms include many complimentary accommodations including homemade Biscotti and bottled water.

The Inn at Honey Run is home to Tarragon Restaurant. They serve award-winning contemporary American cuisine made from fresh local ingredients. We loved that this upscale restaurant was located in our building. On Saturday night we tasted 4 courses - each more delicious than the last. Our favorite dinner dishes were the Chef's Honeycomb (did you know you can eat honeycomb?) and the Foie Gras Risotto!

Our dinner experience was so great that we had to go back for breakfast in the morning.

The restaurant overlooks a beautiful forest which provided entertainment during our meal. We used our "Bird Book" & "Tree Book" to identify the wildlife that greeted us outside of the window during our meal.

The Inn includes several sitting areas with breathtaking views. We spent time listening to the birds, watching the wildlife (including some very sweet local cats), and contemplating the beauty of our state. The Inn is "Adult Only" which we really appreciated due to the peace and quiet it created.

We loved our weekend at The Inn at Honey Run. We are already planning our next trip!

You can follow The Inn at Honey Run on Instagram at @innathoneyrun!

10 Reasons To Visit Yellow Springs Ohio

Rikki Teeters

Yellow Springs, Ohio is a Midwest Gem. Tucked in between local produce fields and natural wonders, this small town is like a dream. Here is a list of our 10 Reasons To Visit Yellow Springs Ohio.

10. Enjoy beautiful waterfalls at Clifton Mills & Glen Helen


9. Shop local at unique Ohio businesses


8. It's an artists paradise


7. The streets are lined with lovely artwork


6. See an award winning movie at Little Art Theater


5. Bring the kids!


4. Recyling is a priority and even the trash cans are made of art


3. Pick up fresh local flowers & produce


2. Businesses are welcoming to all people


1. It is one of the coolest places in Ohio

There are so many fun things to do in and around Yellow Springs! Make sure to visit John Bryan State Park while you are in the area!

Studio Tour With Ohio Artist Ellebrux

Rikki Teeters

We were fortunate to get a behind the scenes look at the studio of local artist Ellebrux. Owner, Laura Brooks, was kind enough to allow us to hang out in her Northside Cincinnati studio yesterday afternoon. We are so impressed by this woman's talent. She hand makes everything from jewelry to art and gifts. Make sure to check out our interview with Laura from Ellebrux to learn more about her business and background.


Follow @ellebrux on Instagram!

Summer Block Party at The Toledo Museum of Art

Rikki Teeters

One of our favorite spots in Ohio is The Toledo Museum of Art! Last weekend we were lucky enough to be invited to host an Instameet at the Summer Block Party! Thousands of locals gathered behind the art museum to enjoy performances, music, and delicious street food! We loved seeing the community come together to enjoy a summer evening. It was beautiful!

Exploring Findlay Market in Cincinnati

Rikki Teeters

One of our favorite places in Cincinnati is the Findlay Market. Located in Over-the-Rhine, Findlay Market is full of diverse culture. Here we can find fresh produce, handmade pastas & breads, exotic spices, and local & international foods all in one location.

Findlay Market Ohio
Findlay Market Ohio
Findlay Market Ohio
Findlay Market Ohio

Our 5 Favorite Merchants at Findlay Market

1. Bouchard's Pasta

2. Colonel De Gourmet Herbs & Spices

3. J. E. Gibbs Cheese

4. Em's Sourdough Bread

5. Mt. Kofinas Olive Oils

You can learn more about Findlay Market and their local merchants at!

Candle Making at Manitou Candle Co.

Rikki Teeters

Today we ventured along the Ohio River in Cincinnati to find the cutest little candle shop, Manitou Candle Co.! We had a wonderful time making our own candles during their Weekend Candle Making Workshop! Mantiou is a unique Ohio-based shop that sells their own small batch handmade candles along with beautiful jewelry, accessories and locally made art work.

Our workshop instructor, Alli, explained that at Manitou the candles are labeled by number instead of by name. This allows people to select new scents that they are drawn to instead of scents that they typically select. Manitou has 100 different scents and we got to smell them all! During our class we learned how to make our own Natural Soy Candles! It was a delightful experience and we definitely recommend it!


The First Two Years of Ohio Explored

Rikki Teeters

Written by Rikki - Founder of Ohio Explored

A little over 2 years ago we made the decision to move home to Ohio from Portland, Oregon. I was working as a UX Designer at a Creative Agency and whenever I would tell people where I was from they would frown and apologize that I had to grow up in such a place. Portlanders saw Ohio as a Midwest wasteland, their views often came solely from television shows made by people who have never been to Ohio. I noticed the same general attitude from Californians when I lived in LA several years earlier.

I wanted to prove a co-worker wrong by showing him photos of my beautiful home state. I had delightful memories of Waterfalls, rolling hills, and lush green forests from my Ohio childhood. I searched online and I couldn't find anything other than outdated websites and clickbate lists. Where was the visual documentation of the beauty I remember so well?


I expanded by search mediums and started looking on social media sites like Instagram. I was stunned that I could not find a central location online that showcased Ohio's beauty. That is when the idea of Ohio Explored was born. I wanted to create a community where people could share beautiful Ohio through their eyes. I pitched the idea to my husband (boyfriend at the time) and he looked at me like I was crazy. I had a vision for something that was difficult to describe but with a little convincing he was totally in as my business partner.

Photo by @jessofthegarden

I started the @OhioExplored Instagram account in July of 2015. Originally I just posted my own photographs with inspiring quotes that I needed to hear at the time. I was in my mid-twenties living across the country from my friends and family. These quotes and photos took me to a serene place with each post. I thought deeply about the words and they brought light to my life.

Photo by @maudiellyod

Photo by @maudiellyod

I started the hashtag #ohioexplored with the hopes that other Ohio Instagrammers would join in on my mission. To my delight, it worked. Our account quickly grew and blossomed into a beautiful community of people who truly value Ohio.

Photo by @oldmansiggy

Photo by @oldmansiggy

Photo by @whykaysee

Photo by @whykaysee

Photo by Autumn Kinsey

Photo by Autumn Kinsey

Photo by @passingwhimsies

Few people know that we moved back to Ohio so that we could geotag our photos. It was very important to us that our followers could find the locations we posted to explore on their own. At the time, you could not tag an Ohio location unless you were in Ohio. I quit my job within a few weeks of starting the account and we moved back to Ohio to plant the seeds for Ohio Explored. After 5 days of driving back across the county, we returned to our homeland with new eyes. We had never been so grateful for our roots and the beautiful land we were born from. From that moment, Ohio was new again.

Photo of local business owner Jessie of RHEINOceramics

Photo of local business owner Jessie of RHEINOceramics

We have met the most wonderful and interesting people through Ohio Explored. Makers, Artists, Photographers, Musicians, Local Business Owners, Community Members and Explorers - we always seem to be drawn to people who are passionate about what they do. Ohio is full of talented people and it is amazing what we can do when our hearts are in it.

Over the past 2 years we have had many opportunities to connect with our fellow Ohioans, from our Instameets & Popup Shops to Maker Marts & Local Events. We have appreciated each opportunity to meet the beautiful humans that support our community.

Today we celebrate our little business turning 2! We look forward to what is to come on our Ohio Explored journey. 


Afternoon Stroll Through Chillicothe

Rikki Teeters

The small town of Chillicothe, Ohio will always have a special place in our hearts. Our founder grew up in Southern Ohio and visits her grandmother there often. Chillicothe has changed a lot over the years we have known it but it always keeps it's charming character. Few young Ohioans know that Chillicothe was Ohio's first capital! We recently enjoyed a lovely afternoon strolling through Chillicothe.

Ivys Chillicothe Ohio
Ivys Chillicothe Ohio

Living the Nom Life in Ohio with @Nom_Life

Rikki Teeters

Our favorite Ohio Foodie Instagram is @Nom_Life! They know of the best places to find the most delicious food all over Ohio! Their Insta page features thousands of top notch Ohio noms. We were fortunate enough to interview Ewa & Jeromy about their Life of Noms!



Question 1: What are your favorite restaurnts in Ohio's biggest cities - Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati?


If we're in Cleveland, we're getting dim sum whether we want to or not (we always want to). It's a family tradition to gather at least 10 relatives and set up base at either Bo Loong, Li Wah or Emperor's Palace on a Sunday afternoon. When ordering off the rolling carts, be sure to get: ha gao (shrimp dumplings), sui mai (pork dumplings), sticky rice with meat filling, cheung fun (various meat fillings wrapped in rice noddle), dan ta (egg tart), and cha siu bao (BBQ pork bun). These are some recommendations, but really, you should give everything a try. The great part about dim sum is that it’s all small portions (like Chinese tapas). You'd also be remiss if you didn't order a dish of beef ho fun.



Columbus is an eclectic place for food with a lot of different options. A fun way to spend a weekend night with friends is at Gogi on Bethel Road. If you've ever had Korean BBQ, you know that this the experience is just as much about having fun as it is about the food. We recommend ordering one of their 3 meat combos (or more, depending on how big your group is). When they bring it out, you get to cook the food on a grill, which is built right into the table! You get a bunch of side dishes, called banchan, with each combo, so the variety is there. You can never go wrong with the steamed egg or spicy beef soup either. Next, you’ll want to order copious amounts of soju. Enough to take a group shot every 10 minutes.

After dinner, you should hit up The Voice Karaoke Bar (near OSU campus) to keep the good times rolling.


Our favorite spot in Cincy is Sotto , no question about it. This Italian restaurant is located right downtown and features one of our favorite dishes ever (more on that later). When you get inside, and go down into the basement for the dining room, you’ll find a very dim light atmosphere. You get the vibe that this is a classy joint. However, you’ll be pleasantly surprised as it is quite lively. The menu itself focuses on simple, rustic Italian fare. However, the spotlight dish is the truffle pasta. The perfect amount of truffle flavor drapes the pristine cooked pasta to create the ultimate umami flavor for your lucky mouth. This was better than some of the truffle dishes we had in Italy, no joke! We’re not sure if this dish is always on the menu, so you’ll want to check beforehand.

Image via

Image via

Question 2: What is your favorite type of cuisine and where is your favorite local place to eat it?

We both grew up with, and love all kinds of Asian food. For Ewa, Japanese food is a must. Tensuke Market is our favorite anytime spot in Columbus. This spot is a Japanese grocery store/restaurant hybrid. They offer tasty Japanese street meals such as udon, curry rice and yakitori. However, where they really shine is the sushi. They share a fish plug with Akai Hana (the neighboring Japanese restaurant which they also own). The fish is high-quality and affordable — 2 things that go really well together.

For Jeromy, his favorite hangover cure meal is Arirang , a Korean grocery store with a little restaurant in the back (sensing a trend yet?). You’ll get a bunch of banchan with your meal and you can do some grocery shopping after! What makes that even better? That their soups are only $6.99.

Must Try Item

At Tensuke -- Any of the sushi rolls, nigiri or sashimi. You can customize your order at the sushi window, or grab a pre-made pack to go. Another bomb dish is their tonkatsu curry over rice. At Arirang, their top dish is the Yuk Gae Jang (spicy beef and vegetable soup).

Question 3: What is your favorite dish & Where can we find it in Ohio?

You could sneak into Jeromy’s dad’s house and see if he’d make you his famous Chinese style spare ribs. But, if you’re not down for that, our next favorite dish is Shrimp Paste Ong Choy (xia jong ong choy). This is a very simple dish, but might not be for everyone -- The shrimp paste flavor can be overwhelming to some. It’s Ong Choy (a kind of Chinese vegetable), sauteed in shrimp paste and garlic. They serve it at most sit-down Chinese restaurants, even if you don’t see it on the menu. Just be sure to drink a bunch of tea and eat some mints after, because your breathe will be kickin’.

Question 4: How did you get the idea to start Nom_Life?

Our lives have always centered around food. Jeromy's family owned a restaurant and Ewa's father has worked in the food industry for over 25 years. We even met while working at Ho Wah Chinese restaurant in Cleveland (shout out!) Growing up, both of us knew how much blood, sweat and tears go into the restaurant business. But it’s all worth it because food is something that brings people together. Whether it's a first date, a family gathering or a group of old friends getting together -- the meal may be temporary, but the moment can become a favorite memory.

We originally started the Nom Life IG for fun. There wasn’t really a greater goal, other than to showcase the food that we love and to highlight places that we frequented. As our follower base grew, we started using the platform to encourage people to try new places or dishes that may be outside of their comfort zone. Hopefully, they create a great memory by visiting the spots that we feature!

What has been your favorite part of the Nom_Life journey?

Our favorite part of the Nom Life journey has definitely been the people. We’ve been lucky to meet so many talented chefs, bartenders and people in the food industry. These people help to shape the culinary scene in Columbus and in the other cities we visit. We can feel the passion and dedication these people put in their work, and we appreciate their drive.In addition, our followers have been our biggest inspiration. It’s really rewarding to have such an active following who we can engage with and share (or receive) restaurant and food recommendations. We love and appreciate everyone who follows us. It is incredibly exciting when someone posts a picture or tags us in a photo of a restaurant they tried because they saw it on our page.

Why do you enjoy exploring Ohio?

The best part of exploring Ohio are the surprises. When people picture Ohio, they imagine flat farmland as far as the eye can see. While it’s true that this covers most of the state, the hidden gems are what make the exploration worth it. Taking a trip to the newly renovated Edgewater Park in Cleveland (which you previously saw a fish die in the water at), you’re surprised by how beautiful of a little beach it is now. Or, walking through any of the state's’ Metro Parks, you’ll be surprised at how expansive the sprawling forests are. How about visiting The Wilds in Zanesville and being surprised that the largest wildlife conservation center in North America is right in our backyard? Seriously, you get to drive right up to the rhinos!

Follow @Nom_Life on Instagram to Explore Ohio's delicious noms with E&J!

Swensons: Ohio's Best Cheeseburgers

Rikki Teeters

We always take extra time to explore the local Ohio communities when we are in town for a Popup Shop! During our recent trip to Akron, we visited the famous Swensons! They are popular for their special cheeseburgers called the Galley Boy. OMG! These burgers were amazing! They even had plenty of options for vegetarians (which we always appreciate). Swensons stays true to their roots with their classic Drive-in Diner design and servers on skates! We loved our Swensons experience and will be back soon.

Swensons Cheeseburgers Ohio

20 Best Camping Spots in Ohio

Rikki Teeters

Summer is finally here and that means it's prime time to explore Ohio! Camping is one of our favorite local summer activities. We were lucky enough to grow up near some of Ohio's best campgrounds and parks! Here is our list of Ohio's 20 Best Camping Spots!

20. Kelleys Island State Park - Kelleys Island, Ohio

Photo by adorablerex

19. John Bryan State Park - Yellow Springs, Ohio

Photo by mitchellcisney

18. Barkcamp State Park - Belmont, Ohio

Photo by wv_ranger

17. Grand Lake St. Marys - St. Marys, Ohio

Photo by thetennantnextdoor

16. Great Seal State Park - Chillicothe, Ohio

15. Hueston Woods State Park - College Corner, Ohio

Photo by k_braids_

14. Alum Creek State Park - Delaware, Ohio

13. A.W. Marion State Park - Circleville, Ohio

Photo by brandi_spellacy

12. Lake Alma State Park - Wellston, Ohio

11. Mary Jane Thurston State Park - McClure, Ohio

Photo by liv___photo

10. West Branch State Park - Ravenna, Ohio

Photo by kimleephelps

9. Lake Hope State Park - McArthur, Ohio

Photo by _lanye

8. Deer Creek State Park - Mt. Sterling, Ohio

Photo by king_harrison2326

7. Shawnee State Park - Portsmouth, Ohio

Photo by sydneyfaith13

6. Geneva State Park - Geneva, Ohio

Photo byolivemagdalene

5. Scioto Trail State Park - Chillicothe, Ohio

Photo by soph_soph_soph

4. Mohican State Park - Loudonville, Ohio

3. Hocking Hills State Park - Logan, Ohio

Photo bysrettum_eima

2. Cuyahoga Valley National Park - Peninsula, Ohio

Photo by ashleydelconklin

1. South Bass Island, Put-in-Bay, Ohio

Photo by karousel17

Where are your favorite camping spots in Ohio? Send us your Ohio camping photos using hashtag #OhioExplored! Follow us on Instagram @OhioExplored to explore Ohio with us every day!

Ohio Honeymoon at The Mohicans

Rikki Teeters

We just returned from our dream honeymoon... in Ohio. Seriously. We searched far and wide to find the perfect honeymoon destination. Little did we know that we would end up finding it in Ohio - our beloved home state. We had always heard great things about "The Mohicans" but we had never had the opportunity to stay and explore. Early in our Ohio Explored days, we discovered The Mohicans Grand Barn & Wedding Center and instantly fell in love with their magical treehouses and luxury cabins. When the opportunity to stay in the namesake cabin The Mohican came about, we had to visit!

So, first we got married in Cincinnati, Ohio (blog post about the wedding coming soon)!

Photo by L.A.R. Photography

Photo by L.A.R. Photography

Then we left for our honeymoon in paradise. The day after our wedding weekend, we loaded up the Ohio Explored car and headed to Northern Central Ohio.

After a 3.5 hour road-trip from Cincinnati to Glenmont, we made it to "The Mohicans". Our beautiful cabin called The Mohican perched high above the Mohican Valley which provided the most beautiful view. It was so peaceful that the birds chirping outside each morning were our only wake-up call.


Our morning view each day from the cabin porch was simply breathtaking.

Kevin, the owner of our cabin, kindly gave us a tour of his beautiful handmade treehouses nearby. They were absolutely magical.


We also got a tour of the Grand Barn & Wedding Center at "The Mohicans". Let's just say we wish we could have our wedding again just so we could book this venue. It is definitely the prettiest wedding venue in Ohio.

We decided to venture out to explore the surrounding areas. We found Landoll's Mohican Castle closeby, where we enjoyed a delicious late lunch under the trees. We were very impressed with the service, the kind waiters, the locally sourced menu, and the delcious fries.

Exploring is our favorite hobby, so of course we spent most of our time adventuring around the local area. There is so much to do around The Mohicans! We found the cutest Amish market filled with locally made foods including fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and cheese! They offered fresh made food to-go and also had a sit down area for customers to eat in-house.

We spent a lot of time relaxing in and around our cabin. We built campfires, made s'mores, and danced under the moonlight. It was truly a magical honeymoon.

Spring at Smith & Wollensky Columbus

Rikki Teeters

If you are looking for a beautiful place to enjoy a delicious meal, look no further than the newly renovated Smith & Wollensky in Columbus, Ohio! We recently enjoyed a lovely evening on the patio. The food, drinks, and service were all amazing!

Smith & Wollensky Columbus is located at 4145 The Strand W, in the heart of the upscale and bustling retail district, Easton Town Center, which hosts a wealth of luxury shopping and dining destinations outside of Columbus. The 10,000-square foot, 335-seat steakhouse has been a long-standing and popular steakhouse destination since its opening in 2002, serving the brand’s signature USDA Prime dry-aged steaks, premium seafood and award-winning wines to over 60,000 business guests, locals and travelers per year. 

Available now through June, Smith & Wollensky will feature specialty wine flights, priced at $25 each.

Spring Blooms in Ault Park

Rikki Teeters

Ault Park is one of our favorite parks in Ohio! Located in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Cincinnati, this park is the perfect place to spend your day! The park includes a beautiful stone structure, several overlooks, and many gardens. Take some time to get lost in the park! We took these photos on a recent stroll while the Cherry Blooms were blooming.

150+ Women-led Business in Ohio

Rikki Teeters


Stacey A Kent. Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine - Columbus, OH


Gray Haus Studios - Bay Village, OH

Trina Ross - Pickerington, OH

Little Mugshots - Columbus, OH

Artique Gallery - Middletown, OH


Alternative Auto Care - Columbus, OH


State of Face Makeup Artistry - Columbus, OH

BCS Beauty Distributor - Hilliard, OH

Lucky 13 Salon - Clintonville, OH

Behavioral Support

Unified Solutions Behavioral Support, LLC - Cuyahoga Falls, OH


Girl About Columbus - Columbus, OH

The Eco-Friendly Family - Cincinnati, OH


Enhancements To Your Workplace, Inc. - Middletown, OH 

Improv Edge - Powell, OH

Cleaning Service (Eco-Friendly)

Green Sweep - Hudson, OH


Girls on the Run Greater Cincinnati - Cincinnati, OH

Way Finding Women - Cincinnati, OH

The Campfire Experience - Columbus, OH

Handmade Toledo - Toledo, OH

Gild Collective - Cincinnati, OH

Girl Develop It - Cincinnati, OH

Kingswell - Middletown, OH

Custom Window Treatments

JMittman Designs - Columbus, OH


Ward Company Designs - Cincinnati, OH


Focus Tutoring and Educational Services - Columbus, OH

Renegade Learning LLC - Cincinnati, OH

Employment Services

Acloche Professional Staffing - Columbus, OH

Event Venue

The Windamere - Middletown, OH


Meadow Rise Farm - Bellville, OH

Fashion / Jewelry

Tatum Bradley & Co. - Warren, OH

Finola Jewelry - Cincinnati, OH -

Origami Owl-Carla New, Independent Designer - Columbus, OH

Spoilers Diffuser Jewelry - Beverly, OH

Film & Video Production

Little Sprig Productions - Cincinnati, OH


Brickhouse Cardio Club - Gahanna, OH

Floral / Weddings

Passiflora Studio - Marietta, OH

Dew Drop Flower Shoppe - Seville, OH

Sheri Strebelow Floral Design - Medina, OH

Food, Drinks and Sweets

Straight Shot Coffee - Middletown, OH

The Joyful Table - Mansfield, OH

Sweet Mary's Bakery, Ltd - Akron, OH

Ridiculously Good Salsa - Columbus, OH

Al's Delicious Popcorn - Columbus, OH

Mockingbird's Cafe - Middletownd, OH

Triple Moon Coffee Company - Middletown, OH

The Original Sub Shop & Deli - Toledo, OH

Sugar Bomb Confections - Cleveland, OH

Kelsey Elizabeth Cakes - Avon Lake, OH

Floured Apron - Aurora, OH

Sugar Lumps Cake Supply - Circleville, OH

Pink Peppercorn Catering - Elyria, OH

Bexley Coffee Shop - Bexley, OH

College Hill Coffee Company - Cincinnati, OH

Sitwell's Coffee House - Cincinnati, OH

Donnas Gourmet Cookies - Cincinnati, OH

Polka Dot Cupcakery - Columbus, OH

SweetPanda - Grove City, OH

Challah Food Truck - Columbus, OH

Ice Cream Joy - Lakewood, OH

Street Pops - Cincinnati, OH

Caribbean Jerks Island Bar & Grill - Lewis Center, OH

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams - Columbus, OH

West Central Wine - Middletown, OH


Urban Digs Design & Garden, LLC - Columbus, OH

Graphic Design

Pixel Salon - Cleveland, OH

Greeting Cards

Erica DiPaolo Designs - Columbus, OH


Multimedia in Healthcare - Cincinnati, OH

The Better You Clinic & SpaCincinnati, OH

Endocrinology Associates, Inc - Columbus, OH

American Institute of Alternative Medicine - Columbus, OH

Michele R Krohn-Harper DC CCN Inc - Dublin, OH


Hochscheid & Associates, LLC - Cincinnati, OH

Raenell Nagel, Nagel Law LLC - Columbus, OH

Nancy L. Holland, Attorney at Law - Akron, OH

Attorney Carol MB Conlan - Columbus, OH

Lisa M. Tome Attorney at Law - Columbus, OH

Letterpress / Book Binding

Igloo Letterpress - Worthington, OH

Life Coaching

Fearless Family Life Coaching - Middletown, OH


Green Child Magazine - Cincinnati, OH

Clutch MOV - Marietta, OH

Maker Space for Food & Drink

The Commissary - Columbus, OH

Marketing / Branding

Encompass Media Group - Columbus, OH

B Markowitz Communications - Columbus, OH

Little Birdie Branding - Granville, OH

TENFOLD - Columbus, OH

Marketing / Web Development

Verve Creative - Columbus, OH

Gifted Communications - Columbus, OH


Essentially Balanced, LLC - Bexley, OH

Embody: Therapeutic Massage & Yoga, LLC - Columbus, OH

Mediation Services

Partners in Mediation, Inc. - Cincinnati, OH


Guitar Lessons by Debbie De Steno - Bowling Green, OH

Parties / Event Decor

Surprise Modern Party + Cocktail Goods - Columbus, OH

Pet Care

Fur Star Pet Care - Columbus, OH

Happy Paws Home Care - Cincinnati, OH

Just Like Home Dog Sitting - Columbus, OH

Jan's Pet Care - Grove City, OH

SitCinnati Pet Care - Cincinnati, OH

Photo Organization

Pixelwinx - Columbus, OH


The New Studio / You See Photography, Inc. - Loveland, OH

Little Adventure Columbus - Columbus, OH

Amy Ann Photography - Columbus, OH

Lala Lu - Columbus, OH

Jennifer Elizabeth Photography - Cleveland, OH

Jessican Love Photography - Columbus, OH

Cemoment Photography - Columbus, OH

Christina Paolucci Photography - Columbus, OH

Erica Kay Photography - Columbus, OH

ArtHeart + Soul - Columbus, OH

L.A.R Weddings - Youngstown, OH

Shutter Girls Photography LLC - Middletown, OH

Podcast Series / Production Co

Dayton Writers Movement / Unwritten Podcast - Dayton, OH

Real Estate

Torchlight Pass - Middletown, OH

Core Ohio Realty - Columbus, OH

Kathy & Karen (K2 Team) Real Estate - Cincinnati, OH

Preferred Properties Real Estate ServicesGrove City,

Restaurant / Food Industry

Chef-Consultant Two-Top Consulting - Columbus, OH


SoulCraft: A Fair Trade Store - Middletown, OH

Centerville Knit & Crochet - Centerville, OH

Miss Selby's Soap - Beavercreek, OH

AromaSoy Candles - Brunswick, OH

Society - Middletown, OH

EHAH - Columbus, OH

Wit & Whimzy - Marietta, OH

Silver Linings - Marietta, OH

Twisted Sisters - Marietta, OH

Lucca Laser Workshop - Cincinnati, OH

Totem Supply Co - Chillicothe, OH

Natterdoodle - Columbus, OH

Lovely Grain Studio - Columbus, OH

Explorer Chick - Cincinnati, OH

The Direction - Columbus, OH

Daisy Mae Designs - Columbus, OH

The Boutique Truck - Columbus, OH

Wholly Craft - Columbus, OH

Red Giraffe Designs - Columbus, OH

Tautum Bradley Co. - Warren, OH

Boozy Bakes - Columbus, OH

ONE SIX FIVE - Jewelry Columbus, OH

lGeo Supply Co. - Columbus, OH

Juniper Claire Designs - Miamisburg, OH

Goddess Blessed - Lakewood, OH

Pebby For Evee - Columbus, OH

Linda's Other Life - Cleveland, OH

Girl's Best Trend - Lakewood, OH

Planthropy - Columbus, OH

Olive Tree-  Columbus, OH

Hank Yarn - Cincinnati, OH

Swan Maiden Soap - Cincinnati, OH

Dancing Bee Farms - Gambier, OH

Teri Ann's - Marietta, OH

Ohio Explored - Cincinnati, OH

Blessed Be Spiritual Shop - Grove City, OH

Haus of Heathers - Columbus, OH

Swan Maiden Soap, LLC - Cincinnati, OH

1214 Central Store - Middletown, OH

Household Words, LLC - New Philadelphia, OH

Senior Moving Services

A Moving Experience LLC - Columbus, OH


Bella Capelli Salone & Day Spa - Hilliard, OH


Tehku Tea - Dublin, OH

Technology / Big Data

Super-h, LLC - Cincinnati, OH


The Nest Theatre - Columbus, OH


The Manini Experience - Columbus, OH

Vision Care / Retail

Vision One Optical - Upper Arlington, OH

The Lens Butler - Northwest, OH

Web Development/Non-profit Consulting

Noe Ideas - Cincinnati, OH

Wedding / Event Planning

Emilie Duncan Event Planning - Powell, OH

Yoga Studio

Haven - Middletown, OH

Grace Tree Yoga & Growth Studio - Cincinnati, OH

Blue Hen Yoga - Akron, OH

Ubuntu Wellness, LLC - Chardon, OH

26 Powerful Photos From The Women's March on Cincinnati

Rikki Teeters

We were lucky enough to march along side our sister's and brother's in Cincinnati this weekend. On Saturday over 30,000 Ohioans gathered in cities across Ohio including Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dayton, and Chillicothe. That doesn't include the thousands of people who marched at the Columbus Sister March the previous weekend. Women and men showed up to make their voices heard. As one woman at the march told us, "Revolution is in the air". We left the march feeling empowered, connected, and ready to change the world! Here are 26 Photos From The Women's March On Cincinnati (along with photos we took during the beautiful event).

Ohio 2016: A Year in Review [24 Photos]

Rikki Teeters

This was a year that we will always remember... whether we want to or not. We lost some of the world's greatest artists, leaders, and legends. We became deeply divided as a nation. We experienced many extremes of the human condition. We felt fear, loss, pain, and sadness. And somehow... we still kept the most important thing of all: HOPE. We have kept hope and joy in our hearts even on the darkest of days. We have loved your smiles, words of encouragement, and connections with us and each other. This year has created bonds and movements that will build a better tomorrow. We are hopeful for what 2017 has to bring. But before we move forward, it is essential to reflect on the past year. We must think about what we learned from 2016 and what we can to do make the world a better place tomorrow. Here is our list of the good, the bad, the sad, the very ugly, and the hopeful of 2016. Ohio 2016: A Year in Review. All photos were posted during 2016 to the @OhioExplored Instagram channel.

22. We searched for peace, unity, and balance.

Photo by @marimaloney at Hocking Hills State Park in Logan, Ohio!

Photo by @marimaloney at Hocking Hills State Park in Logan, Ohio!

21. We cried but Mother Nature still lost to Fracking in Ohio

Photo by @hvera11 at Wayne National Forest!

Photo by @hvera11 at Wayne National Forest!

20. We lost some of the world's greatest artists, leaders, and legends.

Photo of Annie Glenn by @joshualott at the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus, Ohio

Photo of Annie Glenn by @joshualott at the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus, Ohio

19. We were afraid of an uncertian future. 

Photo by @pukurey in Cleveland, Ohio

Photo by @pukurey in Cleveland, Ohio

18. We formed new bonds over shared passions.

Photo by @helloimnolan in Cleveland, Ohio

Photo by @helloimnolan in Cleveland, Ohio

17. We defended our Human Rights.

Photo by @lgbtease28 at the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus, Ohio

Photo by @lgbtease28 at the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus, Ohio

16. We got organized and formed grassroots organizations to fight injustices.

15. We were reminded of our place in The Universe. 

Photo by 

Photo by 

14. We drank "Coffee, Coffee, Coffee" and our 2000's dreams came true!

Photo by @amcdougall87 at "Luke's Diner" aka UpperCup Coffee in Columbus, Ohio

Photo by @amcdougall87 at "Luke's Diner" aka UpperCup Coffee in Columbus, Ohio

13. We shopped local!

Photo by @OhioExplored at Findlay Market in Cincinnati, Ohio

Photo by @OhioExplored at Findlay Market in Cincinnati, Ohio

12. We jammed.

Photo by @duckcreek_ohio at the Duck Creek Log Jam

Photo by @duckcreek_ohio at the Duck Creek Log Jam

11. We explored.

Photo by @sarah_beth_sutter at The Mohicans!

Photo by @sarah_beth_sutter at The Mohicans!

10. We played Pokémon... again!

Photos by @OhioExplored at Easton Town Center in Columbus, Ohio

Photos by @OhioExplored at Easton Town Center in Columbus, Ohio

9. We experienced some insane weather and saw the effects of Global Climate Change.

Photo by @ncline19 at the Fairport Harbor West Breakwater Light

Photo by @ncline19 at the Fairport Harbor West Breakwater Light

8. We danced. We cried. 

Photo by @vabear31 at the Columbus Pride Parade

Photo by @vabear31 at the Columbus Pride Parade

7. We celebrated our PRIDE!

Photo by @cincinnatimagazine in Cincinnati, Ohio

Photo by @cincinnatimagazine in Cincinnati, Ohio

6. We kept exploring.

Photo by @biological_burt at Indian Run Falls

Photo by @biological_burt at Indian Run Falls

5. We chanted from the rooftops: Black Lives Matter!

Photo by @columbusunderground at Columbus College of Art & Design

Photo by @columbusunderground at Columbus College of Art & Design

Photo by @thethirdbend at a peaceful protest in Cincinnati, Ohio!

Photo by @thethirdbend at a peaceful protest in Cincinnati, Ohio!

4. We believed! 

Photo by @gvartwork at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio

Photo by @gvartwork at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio

3. We rallied together!

Photo by @caitlinadecker in Cleveland, Ohio

Photo by @caitlinadecker in Cleveland, Ohio

2. We united.

Photo by @kurtmartig at Ohio Stadium in Columbus, Ohio

Photo by @kurtmartig at Ohio Stadium in Columbus, Ohio

1. We never stopped exploring! 

Photo by @smallstepsaregiantleaps in Columbus, Ohio

Photo by @smallstepsaregiantleaps in Columbus, Ohio


And what we all need after 2016...

Photo by @j_onathen in Columbus, Ohio

Photo by @j_onathen in Columbus, Ohio

Here's to 2017! 

Photo by @erin.esther in our Ohio Vibes Tee!

Photo by @erin.esther in our Ohio Vibes Tee!

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20 Festive Holiday Activities & Events in Ohio

Rikki Teeters

There is no place like Ohio for the Holidays! Get into the Holiday spirit by attending these festive activities and events in Ohio! Here is our list of 20 Festive Holiday Activities & Events in Ohio.

20. City Flea Holiday Market at Washington Park - Cincinnati, Ohio (Dec. 17 5pm - 10pm)

19. Winterfest at the Village of Newtown - Newtown, Ohio (Dec. 10 4pm - 8pm)

18. Merry & Bright at the Franklin Park Conservatory - Columbus, Ohio (Now - Jan. 1)

17. Photowalk: OTR aGlow at Park & Vine - Cincinnati, Ohio (12/8 at 5:30 - 7:30PM)

Photo by J Miles Wolf in Over The Rhine in Cincinnati, Ohio

Photo by J Miles Wolf in Over The Rhine in Cincinnati, Ohio

16. Horse Drawn Sleigh Rides at Spiegel Grove - Fremont, Ohio (Dec. 26-31)

Photo by @padremueller at Spiegel Grove in Fremont, Ohio

Photo by @padremueller at Spiegel Grove in Fremont, Ohio

15. Dickens Victorian Village - Cambridge, Ohio (Now - Jan. 2)

Photo by @dorjans at Dickens Victorian Village in Cambridge, Ohio

Photo by @dorjans at Dickens Victorian Village in Cambridge, Ohio

14. A Whimsical Wonderland Holiday Show at Krohn Conservatory - Cincinnati, Ohio (Now - Jan. 8)

Photo by @realfoodbrandae at Krohn Conservatory in Cincinnati, Ohio

Photo by @realfoodbrandae at Krohn Conservatory in Cincinnati, Ohio

13. Christmas Cookie Tour of Inns - Holmes County, Ohio (Dec. 10 & 11)

12. Holiday Dinner, 12 Days of Christmas at the Culinary Vegetable Institute - Milan, Ohio (Dec. 9 & 10)

11. Polar Express at Dennison Depot - Dennison, Ohio (Dec. 9 - 11)

Photo by @vwfinney on the Polar Express at Dennison Depot

Photo by @vwfinney on the Polar Express at Dennison Depot

10. Light Up Toledo! Holiday Art Loop - Toledo, Ohio (Dec. 15)

9. A Storybook Christmas - Zanesville, Ohio (Now - Jan. 5)

8. Santa Hustle 5K and Half Marathon - Sandusky, Ohio (Dec 11)

7. Winter at the Wilds - New Concord, Ohio (Now - March 31)

Photo by Ian Adams Photography at The Wilds in New Concord, Ohio

Photo by Ian Adams Photography at The Wilds in New Concord, Ohio

6. Decemburr Dash 5K - Columbus, Ohio (Dec. 17)

5. Mariemont Annual Tree Lighting at Luminary Event (12/10 at 5:30pm)

4. Luminaria Holiday Event at the Cincinnati Observatory (12/11 at 6:30pm)

3. A Christmas Story House - Cleveland, Ohio (Open daily 10am to 5pm)

Photo by @misstruchon at A Christmas Story House in Cleveland, Ohio

Photo by @misstruchon at A Christmas Story House in Cleveland, Ohio

2. Christmas in Ash Cave - Logan, Ohio (Dec 10)

1. Lighting of the Serpent at Serpent Mound (12/21 at 5PM)

Photo via The Columbus Free Press at the Lighting of the Serpent

Photo via The Columbus Free Press at the Lighting of the Serpent

*All dates in this post are for the year 2016.

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