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Adoptable Animals

Mervin // RescuedOhio

Rikki Teeters

Mervin Adoptable Dog Ohio

Mervin was thought to be a senior when rescued, but his white muzzle turns out to be part of his coloring. This resilient miniature pinscher mix is likely close to five years in age, and weighs in at a light ten pounds. Mervin plays like a puppy, loves toys, loves other dogs, and is fascinated by cats and will chase them if they run. He would be fast and amazing at agility or fly ball but needs obedience training first to improve his focus. Mervin is VERY food motivated. He will go in his crate for a treat but would rather join you wherever you're going. When his tummy is full and he's had enough for the day, he will snuggle on the couch and insist on going under the covers close to you in bed.

Mervin Adoptable Dog Ohio
Mervin Adoptable Dog Ohio

This little guy has a low-maintenance and super-shiny coat, and healthy teeth -- even though he has a pronounced under bite (which only adds to his goofy cuteness). He can be protective/reactive of his food and is mouthy when excited, so he would probably be best in a home without small children. Older children would love his activity and play, and he would love their attention and energy. Mervin's adoption fee is $300. Learn more at!