40 Best Craft Breweries in Ohio

40 Best Craft Breweries in Ohio
May 10, 2018

We think it is safe to say that Ohio is the new craft beer capital of the US. Want proof? Ohio’s 3 largest cities (Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati) are filled to the brim with nationally ranked craft breweries and our small towns represent with their high quality brews. Here is our list of the 40 Best Craft Breweries in Ohio. Make sure to try them all!
40. Kindred Brewing – Columbus, Ohio
Kindred Brewing – Columbus, Ohio

Photo by Kindred Brewing via Facebook
39. Wild Ohio Brewing Company – Columbus, Ohio
Wild Ohio Brewing Company

Photo by Wild Ohio Brewing Company via Facebook
38. March First Brewing – Cincinnati, Ohio
March First Brewing

Photo by March First Brewing via Facebook
37. BrewDog USA – Canal Winchester, Ohio
BrewDog USA

Photo by BrewDog USA via Facebook
36. HiHO Brewing Company – Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
HiHo Brewing Co.

Photo by HiHO Brewing via Facebook
35. Star City Brewing Company – Miamisburg, Ohio
Star City Brewing Company – Miamisburg

Photo by Star City Brewing Company
34. Terrestrial Brewing Company – Cleveland, Ohio
Terrestrial Brewing Company

Photo by Terrestrial Brewing Company via Facebook
33. The Brew Kettle – Strongsville, Ohio
The Brew Kettle – Strongsville

Photo by The Brew Kettle via Facebook
32. The Phoenix Brewing Company – Mansfield, Ohio
The Phoenix Brewing Company

Photo by The Phoenix Brewing Company via Facebook
31. Weasel Boy Brewing – Zanesville, Ohio
Weasel Boy Brewing

Photo by Weasel Boy Brewing via Facebook
30. Black Cloister Brewing Company – Toledo, Ohio
Black Cloister Brewing Company

Photo by Black Cloister Brewing Company via Facebook
29. Mt. Carmel Brewing Company – Cincinnati, Ohio
Mt. Carmel Brewing Company

Photo by Mt. Carmel Brewing Company via Facebook
28. Columbus Brewing Company – Columbus, Ohio
Columbus Brewing Company

Photo by Columbus Brewing Company via Facebook
27. Jackie O’s Brewery – Athens, Ohio
Jackie O’s Brewery – Athens

Photo by Jackie O’s Brewery via Facebook
26. 16 Lots Brewing Company – Mason, Ohio
16 Lots Brewing Company

Photo by 16 Lots Brewing Company via Facebook
25. Lockport Brewery – Bolivar, Ohio
Lockport Brewery

Photo by Lockport Brewery via Facebook
24. Rockmill Brewery – Lancaster, Ohio
Rockmill Brewery

Photo by Rockmill Brewery via Instagram
23. Hoppin’ Frog Brewery – Akron, Ohio
Hoppin’ Frog Brewery

Photo by Hoppin’ Frog Brewery via Facebook
22. Brick And Barrel – Cleveland, Ohio
Brick And Barrel

Photo by Brick And Barrel via Facebook
21. FigLeaf Brewing Company – Middletown, Ohio
FigLeaf Brewing Company – Middletown

Photo by FigLeaf Brewing Company via Facebook
20. Rivertown Brewery and Barrel House – Monroe, Ohio
Rivertown Brewery and Barrel House

Photo by Rivertown Brewery and Barrel House via Facebook
19. The Woodburn Brewery – Cincinnati, Ohio
The Woodburn Brewery

Photo by The Woodburn Brewery via Facebook
18. Crooked Handle Brewing Co. – Springboro, Ohio
Crooked Handle Brewing Co.

Photo by Crooked Handle Brewing Co. via Facebook
17. Fat Head’s Brewery & Tap House – Middleburg Heights, Ohio
Fat Head’s Brewery

Photo by Fat Head’s Brewery via Facebook
16. Christian Moerlein Brewing – Cincinnati, Ohio
Christian Moerlein Brewing

Photo by Christian Moerlein Brewing via Facebook
15. Great Lakes Brewing Company – Cleveland, Ohio
Great Lakes Brewing Company

Photo by Great Lakes Brewing Company via Facebook
14. Nine Giant Brewing – Cincinnati, Ohio
Nine Giant Brewing

Photo by Nine Giant Brewing via Facebook
13. Lineage Brewing – Columbus, Ohio
Lineage Brewing

Photo by Lineage Brewing via Facebook
12. Warped Wing Brewing Company – Dayton, Ohio
Warped Wing Brewing Company – Dayton

Photo by Warped Wing Brewing Company via Facebook
11. Masthead Brewing – Cleveland, Ohio
Masthead Brewing

Photo by Masthead Brewing via Facebook
10. Listermann Brewing Company – Cincinnati, Ohio
Listermann Brewing Company

Photo by Listermann Brewing Company via Facebook
9. Land-Grant Brewing Company – Columbus, Ohio
Land-Grant Brewing Company

Photo by Land-Grant Brewing Company via Facebook
8. Brink Brewing – Cincinnati, Ohio
Brink Brewing

Photo by Brink Brewing via Facebook
7. Seventh Son Brewing – Columbus, Ohio
Seventh Son Brewing

Photo by Seventh Son via Facebook
6. Platform Beer Co – Cleveland, Ohio
Platform Beer Co

Photo by Platform Beer Co via Facebook
5. Wolf’s Ridge Brewing – Columbus, Ohio
Wolf’s Ridge Brewing

Photo by Wolf’s Ridge Brewing via Facebook
4. Taft’s Ale House – Cincinnati, Ohio
Taft’s Ale House – Over The Rhine

Photo by Taft’s Ale House via Facebook
3. Rhinegeist Brewery – Cincinnati, Ohio
Rhinegeist Brewery

Photo by Rhinegeist via Facebook
2. Yellow Springs Brewery – Yellow Springs, Ohio
Yellow Springs Brewery

Photo by Yellow Springs Brewery on Facebook
1. Urban Artifact – Cincinnati, Ohio
Urban Artifact

Photo by Urban Artifact via Facebook

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HiHO Brewing Co.

Featured Photo by HiHO Brewing via Facebook
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