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2018 General Election Endorsements

2018 General Election Endorsements


Ohio Explored is proud to release our 2018 General Election Endorsements for the upcoming election on November 6, 2018. With so much at stake in our world, it is imperative that all Ohioans vote. Make your voice heard. We have thoughtfully considered each issue and candidate for the 2018 General Election. Below is our list of endorsements.


Why We Are Voting Yes on Issue 1:

  • If passed, this amendment will:

    • Force our government to invest money towards addiction recovery instead of incarcerating people convicted of non-violent drug crimes

    • Encourage inmates to participate in rehabilitation and educational programs

    • Save Taxpayer Dollars by reducing the amount of people in state prison for low-level crimes

    • Punish drug dealers not addicts by mandating that drug possession and drug use be considered a misdemeanor, not a felony

    Read about Ohio’s Issue 1 here.


Governor & Lieutenant Governor

Constance Gadell-Newton + Brett R. Joseph (Green)

Photo via

Photo via

Why We Are Voting For Her:

  • Clean Water

    • Will work to ban fracking and injection wells in Ohio

    • Believes every person has a right to clean water

  • Living Wage

    • Will work to make sure all Ohioans have access to jobs that supply them with a living wage

  • Medical Care for All

    • Will work to give all Ohioans equal access to medical care at an affordable rate

  • Environmental Protections

    • Has served as an environmental activist for many years

    • Will continue to fight for environmental protections in Ohio

  • Social Justice

    • Supports gay marriage

    • Will work to decriminalize marijuana

    • Wants to reform Ohio’s prison system

  • No Corporate Donations

    • Campaign only takes donations from citizens not corporations

  • Unequal Media Coverage + Debate Time

    • Constance Gadell-Newton (Green) and candidate Travis M. Irvine (Libertarian) were left out of this year’s gubernatorial debates which limits voters from learning about the breadth of their options and their platforms

    • Unfair coverage excluded the only female gubernatorial candidate in this year’s race causing us to further question the reasoning behind the exclusion


Attorney General

Steve Dettelbach (D)

Auditor of State

Robert C. Coogan (L)

Secretary of State

Dustin R. Nanna (L)

Treasurer of State

Rob Richardson (D)

U.S. Senator

Sherrod Brown (D)

Representative to Congress (1st District)

Aftab Pureval (D)

Representative to Congress (2nd District)

Jill Schiller (D)

Representative to Congress (3rd District)

Joyce Beatty (D)

Representative to Congress (12th District)

Juanita Brent (D)

Representative to Congress (92nd District)

Beth Workman (D)

State Senator (7th District)

Sara Bitter (D)

State Senator (15th District)

Hearcel Craig (D)

State Senator (18th District)

Kristin Boggs (D)

State Senator (25th District)

Kenny Yuko (D)

Justice of Supreme Court

Melody J. Stewart (D)

Justice of Supreme Court

Michael p. donnelly (D)